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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Adaptive image and video compression using vector quantization and self-organizing neural networksLiu, Hui
1994Analysis and applications of some practical source coding systemsBist, Anurag
2005Analytical performance evaluation of multiuser detection and precodingBahng, Seungjae
1991Asymptotic analysis of digital transmission systems for a first order Gauss-Markov processShankar, H (Hari)
1995Attention modulated associative computing and content-associative search in image archiveKhan, Muhammad Javed Iqbal
1994Automatic labeling, modeling and recognition for line-drawing interpretationChêng, Tsê
1982Automatic-repeat-request systems for error control in digital transmissionMiller, Michael Joseph
1995Coded modulations for mobile satellite communication channelsRhee, DoJun
1977Coding for a T-user multiple-access channelZhang, Shijun
1977A computer model for axiomatic systemsIbrahim, Rosalind L.
1976Connectivity of random networksMinai, Viqar Ahmed
1994Decoding of linear block codes based on ordered statisticsFossorier, Marc P.C.
Dec-2014Design and optimization of electrically small antennas for high frequency (HF) applicationsBaker, James Martyn
1986The design, fabrication, characterization, and modeling of a novel semiconductor device : the metal oxide semiconductor bipolar junction transistorOkada, David N.
2008Development of metamaterials for wideband antenna applicationsBell, Jodie M.
1994Distributed-channel bipolar device : experimentation, analytical modeling and applicationsJiang, Fenglai
1991Error-control schemes for broadcast channelsChandran, S. Ram
2008Generalized constructions, decoding and implementation of LDPC codesWang, Yige
Aug-2003Interative multistage maximum likelihood decoding algorithm for multilevel codes and its applicationsBelgrade, Diana Stojanovic
1994Low complexity and high performance coded modulation systemsRajpal, Sandeep