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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Level-weighed wavelet fusion : a soft decision image fusion techniqueBang, Jeong Hwan
May-2003Load-pull measurement and simulation on indium phosphide heterojunction biopolar transistorsShishido, Reid Tadashi
2006Low-cost microstrip line-based ferrite phase shifterHui, William W.G.
Dec-2011Low-power system-on-chip (SOC) implementation for self-sufficient wireless respiratory data and energy harvesting systemYee, Roxanne Kumiko Kwai Fa
Aug-2004Low-Profile, Wide-Band Antennas For Wireless CommunicationsBell, Jodie M.
2007Maximizing network resource utilization through dynamic delay allocation adjustmentLiu, Xiaojiang
Aug-2003Measuring the quality of service of voice over IPNakkhongkham, Saiyoot
Dec-2011Miniaturized retrodirective arrays for small-satellite platformsIwami, Reece Takaichi
Dec-2004Mmic Alsb/Inas Hemt Grid Oscillator For Millimeter-Wave OperationsSong, Chenyan
2008Model based approach for fault detection and prediction using particle filtersMishra, Manisha
May-2005Multi-Grating Demultiplexer Utilizing Chirped GratingPark, Ray J.
Aug-2005A Multi-Homed Gateway For Redundant Internet AccessTung, Kin Ho
2007Multi-level low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (ML-LEACH) : a routing solution for periodic data sensing in large-area wireless sensor networkHuang, Bo
May-2004Neural Network Based Machine Condition Monitoring SystemKaneshige, Kenichi
Dec-2011Noninvasive microwave technique for human cardiorespiratory hemodynamic assessmentsPerron, Ruthsenne Ramos Gagarin
2008Novel antenna technologies for small-satellite and terestrial applicationsTakase, Brandon O.
Aug-2004Novel Low-Cost Nonplanar Microstrip-Line Ferrite Phase Shifter Utilizing Circular PolarizationSorensen, Rory K.
Aug-2005Novel Reconfigurable RF Amplifier Design TechniquesChing, Kendall
2007Online scheduling of periodic lightpath request with flexibilityYe, Luning
2005Optical biomedical sensor for the detection of blood-glucose concentrationsLing, Daniel Pham