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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2010A comparison of photovoltaic device performance between copper indium gallium diselenide thin film solar cells with indium tin oxide and indium molybdenum oxide top contactsDeAngelis, Alexander Daniel
Dec-2012Activity monitoring and motion classification of the lizard Chamaeleo jacksonii using mutiple doppler radarsLee, Scott Si Keong
2005Adaptive modulation based MIMO systemsGowrishankar, Ramkumar
Dec-2003Advance reservation for periodic transfers with flexibilitySu, Wei
May-2004Aircraft Health Monitoring System Using Interacting Multiple Model EstimationSaewong, Mark A.
Dec-2003An alternate signaling strategy for WDM networks protectionZhao, Bolin
Aug-2012An optically addressed thermoresponsive microfluidic system for cell culturing and harvestingNamekar, Swapnil Arun
Aug-2011Analysis and design of multi-functional, parasitic array antennas for optimized wireless communicationsYu, Jay Jaekyum
Dec-2010Analysis and design of retrodirective arrays for multiple-interrogator environmentsChun, Tyler Fujio MunCheong
Aug-2003Broadcast routing and scheduling of ad hoc networksChen, Jinze
2006Channel coding for the relay channelYee, Danny
2008Class document frequency as a learned feature for text categorizationSharma, Anand
2006CMOS IC implementation of heart rate detection hardwareWang, Xiaoyue, 1978
2007Compact doppler radar system for heart rate detectionYamada, Shuhei
Aug-2004Cost-Efficient Physical Topologies For Survivable Routing Of Data Network Rings In WDM-Based NetworksShintani, Kate S.
2006Data driven approach for fault detection and identification using competitive learningBabbar, Ashish
2008DC offset compensation for CW direct conversion doppler radar vital sign monitorVergara, Alexander M.
2005Deconvolution of light scattering and diffuse reflectance signatures for delineation of mucosal cancer cells using wavelet analysisHernandez, Luis Manuel Ortiz
Dec-2010Design and development of novel polymer based microsensors and microactuatorsVinod, Soumya
Dec-2012Design and implementation of a cloud-based building energy monitoring systemLiu, Hao