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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Adaptive image and video compression using vector quantization and self-organizing neural networksLiu, Hui
2005Adaptive modulation based MIMO systemsGowrishankar, Ramkumar
Dec-2003Advance reservation for periodic transfers with flexibilitySu, Wei
May-2004Aircraft Health Monitoring System Using Interacting Multiple Model EstimationSaewong, Mark A.
Dec-2003An alternate signaling strategy for WDM networks protectionZhao, Bolin
1994Analysis and applications of some practical source coding systemsBist, Anurag
2005Analytical performance evaluation of multiuser detection and precodingBahng, Seungjae
1991Asymptotic analysis of digital transmission systems for a first order Gauss-Markov processShankar, H (Hari)
1995Attention modulated associative computing and content-associative search in image archiveKhan, Muhammad Javed Iqbal
1994Automatic labeling, modeling and recognition for line-drawing interpretationChêng, Tsê
1982Automatic-repeat-request systems for error control in digital transmissionMiller, Michael Joseph
Aug-2003Broadcast routing and scheduling of ad hoc networksChen, Jinze
2006Channel coding for the relay channelYee, Danny
2008Class document frequency as a learned feature for text categorizationSharma, Anand
2006CMOS IC implementation of heart rate detection hardwareWang, Xiaoyue, 1978
1995Coded modulations for mobile satellite communication channelsRhee, DoJun
1977Coding for a T-user multiple-access channelZhang, Shijun
2007Compact doppler radar system for heart rate detectionYamada, Shuhei
1977A computer model for axiomatic systemsIbrahim, Rosalind L.
1976Connectivity of random networksMinai, Viqar Ahmed