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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2010A comparison of photovoltaic device performance between copper indium gallium diselenide thin film solar cells with indium tin oxide and indium molybdenum oxide top contactsDeAngelis, Alexander Daniel
Dec-2012Activity monitoring and motion classification of the lizard Chamaeleo jacksonii using mutiple doppler radarsLee, Scott Si Keong
1994Adaptive image and video compression using vector quantization and self-organizing neural networksLiu, Hui
2005Adaptive modulation based MIMO systemsGowrishankar, Ramkumar
Dec-2003Advance reservation for periodic transfers with flexibilitySu, Wei
May-2004Aircraft Health Monitoring System Using Interacting Multiple Model EstimationSaewong, Mark A.
Dec-2003An alternate signaling strategy for WDM networks protectionZhao, Bolin
Aug-2012An optically addressed thermoresponsive microfluidic system for cell culturing and harvestingNamekar, Swapnil Arun
1994Analysis and applications of some practical source coding systemsBist, Anurag
Aug-2011Analysis and design of multi-functional, parasitic array antennas for optimized wireless communicationsYu, Jay Jaekyum
Dec-2010Analysis and design of retrodirective arrays for multiple-interrogator environmentsChun, Tyler Fujio MunCheong
2005Analytical performance evaluation of multiuser detection and precodingBahng, Seungjae
1991Asymptotic analysis of digital transmission systems for a first order Gauss-Markov processShankar, H (Hari)
Dec-2010Atmospheric turbulence mitigation in Free Space Optical communication systems with retro-modulatorsSaint Georges Chaumet, Eric Bertrand
1995Attention modulated associative computing and content-associative search in image archiveKhan, Muhammad Javed Iqbal
1994Automatic labeling, modeling and recognition for line-drawing interpretationChêng, Tsê
1982Automatic-repeat-request systems for error control in digital transmissionMiller, Michael Joseph
Aug-2003Broadcast routing and scheduling of ad hoc networksChen, Jinze
2006Channel coding for the relay channelYee, Danny
2008Class document frequency as a learned feature for text categorizationSharma, Anand