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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Range-finding lidar and differential optical absorption spectroscopy at 650 NMYamamoto, Edmund S.
Dec-2014Reconfigurable liquid-metal RF devices for wireless communicationsMorishita, Andy Masahiro
Aug-2004Red Queue's Occupancy And PerformanceWang, Xiaogang
Dec-2003Reduced complexity decoding algorithms for low-density parity check codes and turbo codesChen, Jinghu
1990Reliable communication for the noncoherent additive white Gaussian channelAlles, Martin C.A.
Dec-2004Remote Data Backup System For Disaster RecoveryLin, Hua
May-2014Respiratory effort harvesting via torso movement for a wearable biosensorShahhaidar, Ehsaneh
2008Retrodirective technologies for Terrestrial Sensor NetworksPang, Ryan N.
Aug-2004Self-Steering Arrays For Wireless Communication NetworksShiroma, Grant S.
Dec-2014Sentiment analysis of big social data with Apache HadoopKang, Qiuling
2006Silicon CMOS IC implementation of heart rate extractionChen, Mingqi
May-2005Simulation Of MPEG-4 Video Streams And Design Of An Error-Concealment Method Via A Noisy Wireless NetworkChong, Joo Perng
May-2003Solving the photon diffusion equation by FEM with Lanczos AlgorithmNie, Sixiang
Dec-2003Space-time adaptive processing for airborne surveillance radar systemsBinonwangan, Martian
1974A study of multifold Euclidean geometry codesYiu, Kai-Ping
1974A study of thermospheric dynamics using electron content power spectrum estimationsLow, Nam Chong
2006Support vector machines and wavelet packet analysis for fault detection and identificationOrtiz, Estefan M.
Dec-2002Survivable Overlay Layout of IP Over WDMDeng, Qi
2007Survivable routing in WDM networks with guaranteed minimum network bandwidthWang, Ye
Dec-2014System-on-chip based doppler radar occupancy sensor with add-on passive nodeSong, Chenyan