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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Data driven approach for fault detection and identification using competitive learningBabbar, Ashish
2008DC offset compensation for CW direct conversion doppler radar vital sign monitorVergara, Alexander M.
1994Decoding of linear block codes based on ordered statisticsFossorier, Marc P.C.
2005Deconvolution of light scattering and diffuse reflectance signatures for delineation of mucosal cancer cells using wavelet analysisHernandez, Luis Manuel Ortiz
Dec-2010Design and development of novel polymer based microsensors and microactuatorsVinod, Soumya
Dec-2012Design and implementation of a cloud-based building energy monitoring systemLiu, Hao
May-2003Design and implementation of a device for monitoring large scale IP networksSaramah, Jad Y.
Aug-2011Design and implementation of adaptable onboard digital image detection algorithms for aurora observationsLim, Chester Nian Vee
Dec-2014Design and optimization of electrically small antennas for high frequency (HF) applicationsBaker, James Martyn
Aug-2005Design Of Front-End Amplifier For Optical Receiver In 0.5 Micrometer Cmos TechnologyYang, Qianyi
1986The design, fabrication, characterization, and modeling of a novel semiconductor device : the metal oxide semiconductor bipolar junction transistorOkada, David N.
2006Detection of heatbeats in wireless signalZhou, Qin, 1980
Dec-2013Detection of respiratory information using electromagnetic biosensorsPadasdao, Bryson Eldon
Aug-2011Development of data acquisition and management systems for real-time monitoring of photovoltaic installations across HawaiʻiIkei, Brett Kazuo Yuk Kee
2008Development of metamaterials for wideband antenna applicationsBell, Jodie M.
May-2006Device modeling of transconductance threshold voltage reference devicesLindsey, Imiola
May-2012Digital CMOS VLSI circuit routing with manufacturability and yield constraintsGao, Xin
1994Distributed-channel bipolar device : experimentation, analytical modeling and applicationsJiang, Fenglai
Dec-2012Doppler radar sensing of fish physiological motionHafner, Noah Matthew
2006Dynamic adaptable antenna arrays for wireless communication networksRoque, Justin