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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Attention modulated associative computing and content-associative search in image archiveKhan, Muhammad Javed Iqbal
1995Coded modulations for mobile satellite communication channelsRhee, DoJun
Dec-2002Web Service Enabled Mobile Agent SystemDeng, Hui
Dec-2002UHF Applications for Radar and Pico-Satellite Communication SystemsHiguchi, Nathan K.
Dec-2002Survivable Overlay Layout of IP Over WDMDeng, Qi
Dec-2002Verification of a Transport Offload EngineRaut, Abhay
May-2003Solving the photon diffusion equation by FEM with Lanczos AlgorithmNie, Sixiang
May-2003Load-pull measurement and simulation on indium phosphide heterojunction biopolar transistorsShishido, Reid Tadashi
May-2003Design and implementation of a device for monitoring large scale IP networksSaramah, Jad Y.
Aug-2003Interative multistage maximum likelihood decoding algorithm for multilevel codes and its applicationsBelgrade, Diana Stojanovic
Aug-2003Three dimensional container packing using constrained resource planningShnidman, Daniel
Aug-2003Broadcast routing and scheduling of ad hoc networksChen, Jinze
Aug-2003Measuring the quality of service of voice over IPNakkhongkham, Saiyoot
Dec-2003Reduced complexity decoding algorithms for low-density parity check codes and turbo codesChen, Jinghu
Dec-2003Vehicle health monitoring system using multiple-model adaptive estimationWang, Xudong
Dec-2003An alternate signaling strategy for WDM networks protectionZhao, Bolin
Dec-2003Advance reservation for periodic transfers with flexibilitySu, Wei
Dec-2003Space-time adaptive processing for airborne surveillance radar systemsBinonwangan, Martian
Dec-2003Protected virtual private networks in the hose modelBalasubramanian, Ashok
Dec-2003Traffic grooming in WDM networksKandula, Ramesh