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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Multiple coding and space-time multi-user detection in multiple antenna systemsLiu, Jianhan, 1974
May-2004Neural Network Based Machine Condition Monitoring SystemKaneshige, Kenichi
Dec-2011Noninvasive microwave technique for human cardiorespiratory hemodynamic assessmentsPerron, Ruthsenne Ramos Gagarin
2008Novel antenna technologies for small-satellite and terestrial applicationsTakase, Brandon O.
Aug-2004Novel Low-Cost Nonplanar Microstrip-Line Ferrite Phase Shifter Utilizing Circular PolarizationSorensen, Rory K.
Aug-2005Novel Reconfigurable RF Amplifier Design TechniquesChing, Kendall
2007Online scheduling of periodic lightpath request with flexibilityYe, Luning
2005Optical biomedical sensor for the detection of blood-glucose concentrationsLing, Daniel Pham
2006Optimal signaling for MIMO interference networksSong, Yang
May-2011Optimization of a GPU implantation of multi-dimensional RF pulse design algorithmCai, Wei
May-2014A opto-thermal micro-transportation for cellular microbiologyHu, Wenqi
May-2012Optothermal systems for cellular manipulation and tissue cultureIshii, Kelly Ann Sachiko
1970A pattern recognition approach to computer-aided medical diagnosisKulikowski, Casimir Alexander
May-2013Performance analysis of grid-tied photovoltaic micro-invertersTorres, Jordan Shoichi
May-2013Personal motion analysis using mobile cloud computing platformMuramatsu, Nathan Kenji
2005Phonocardiogram segmentationLin, Tang Chu
Aug-2014Physiological radar system for diagnosing sleep disordersBaboli, Mehran
2008PMODFET and NMOSFET broadband mixer designHong, Yun-Pyo
Dec-2014Positivity constraint implementations for multiframe blind deconvolution reconstructionsBillings, Paul Allen
May-2005Processor-Time Balanced Reduction With Utilization Maximization And Communication HidingChindarkar, Gautam R.