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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2012Digital CMOS VLSI circuit routing with manufacturability and yield constraintsGao, Xin
1994Distributed-channel bipolar device : experimentation, analytical modeling and applicationsJiang, Fenglai
Dec-2012Doppler radar sensing of fish physiological motionHafner, Noah Matthew
2006Dynamic adaptable antenna arrays for wireless communication networksRoque, Justin
2006Efficient placement schemes to fully utilize peer upstream bandwidthZeng, Hui min
May-2012Efficient scheduling of periodic traffic for WDM networksSalle, John Anthony
2008Energy and bandwidth efficient multi-target tracking in a two-tier hierarchical wireless sensor networkWei, Jin
2005Enhancing agent capability in a large simulation systemU, Vengfai
1991Error-control schemes for broadcast channelsChandran, S. Ram
2007The expected value for the probability of an undetected error using a linear code over an unknown binary symmetric channelPerry, Patrick
Dec-2010Experimental study of meteorological effects on solar spectrum applied to predict different photovoltaic technologiesSong, Xi
2006Frequency resolved cell sizes using optical coherence tomographyGoya, Jaren M (Jaren Minoru)
2008Generalized constructions, decoding and implementation of LDPC codesWang, Yige
May-2012Genetic programming applications in electromagneticsNakatsu, Jill Sachie Kobashigawa
2008Global multi-hop scheduling for improving network utilization and QosLi, Jiang
2008Hardware implementation of real time ECG analysis algorithmsShukla, Ashish
Dec-2010Human cardiopulmonary recognition using close-range Doppler radarKiriazi, John Elias
May-2012I-III-VI2 (copper chalcopyrite-based) materials for use in hybrid photovoltaic/photoelectrochemical water-splitting devicesKaneshiro, Jess Masao Makana
Aug-2004Image Coding Using Derivative Gaussian Transform With Embedded Zerotrees QuantizationLi, Xiangang
Aug-2011Inertial focusing microfluidics : single cell encapsulation, particle dynamics study, and rapid prototyping techniqueZhang, Xiaoxiao