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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1969Continuous complex learning of pre-school childrenBrewer, Barbara Anne
1969Crosscultural variations in territoriality: a baseline determination of interactional distance between shared culture dyadsEngebretson, Darold Edward
1970Inducing achievement behavior through a planned group counseling programTang, Kendel Sunico
1970Interest inventory items as attitude eliciting stimuli in classical conditioning: a test of the A-R-D theoryGross, Michael Carlon
1971An experimental study of the visual eidetic imagery of Chinese school childrenLin, Chen-shan
1971Effects of nonverbal experiences on interpersonal communicationKunimoto, Elizabeth Nakaeda
1972A cross-cultural study of personal space in the familyCade, Theo
1972A language behavior therapy program for couples seeking a better sexual adjustmentTerpstra, Margery Williams
1973Prediction of cognitive and divergent-productive intellectual abilities of Filipino sixth grade students from characteristics of their home environmentsBennett, Susan Moore
1973A study of the efficiency of causal analysis conducted on panel dataYap, Kim Onn
1973The effect of two group counseling methods on perceptual congruence in married pairsFisher, Robert Elwood
1974The effects of changes in family interpersonal relationships on the behavior of enuretic children and their parentsKnight, Nancy Allen
1974Interpersonal distance in the primary family as a measure of school success after re-parenting of disadvantaged studentsBates, Edward Charles
1975A study of the relationship among selected personality variables and leisure activity preferencesMarano, Paul J.
1975Facial cues, empathy and the theory of social behaviorismCarlson, Gary Edward
1975Relationships between overt and covert acculturation in American SamoaBaldauf, Richard B, 1943
1975The effect of an interpersonal skill training program on affective interpersonal behaviors of student teachersFine, Virginia Owens
1976Skin conductance and the effects of time distribution on encounter group learning : marathons versus spaced groupsLoomis, Thomas P.
1976A training paradigm for imagery awareness and the investigation of concomitant personality integrationIreland, Merle Sanders
1976The influence of instructions on relationships between abilities and performance in a concept identification taskNorton, Ruth Elaine