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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978A mathematical model of word recognition strategiesChin-Chance, Selvin A.
1979A Monte Carlo study of cue salience measures obtained from the paired comparisons of multiple cue stimuliColbert, Gregory A.
2005A multilevel analysis estimating schools' likelihood of meeting NCLB academic target: a comparison of two models of effectivenessTakanishi, Stacey Michie
1986Natural versus computer languages : a reading comparisonCrosby, Martha Elizabeth
1987Nursing diagnosis : a perceptual studyWarren, Judith Judd
2002An oral history of the April 1, 1946 tsunami at Laupāhoehoe, Hawaiʻi: a case study in the educative value of constructing history from memory and narrativeNishimoto, Warren S.
1973Prediction of cognitive and divergent-productive intellectual abilities of Filipino sixth grade students from characteristics of their home environmentsBennett, Susan Moore
2003Project Hoʻoponopono : the impact of racism, sexism, homophobia/heterosexism, and colonialism on an adolescent day treatment program student service delivery team (ADTPSSDT) in rural HawaiʻiDuke, Thomas Scott
2005Proportional representation and student perceptions of a campus climate for diversityAh Sam, Anna L.F.
2003A qualitative study of group work in the development of Filipino as a second languageCervania, Ranee
May-2014Reducing cyber victimization through home and school partnerships : the effects of a cyber safety workshop on parent and educator perceptions of self-efficacy and attitudes toward family-school collaborationMark, Lauren K.
1975Relationships between overt and covert acculturation in American SamoaBaldauf, Richard B, 1943
1991The role of metacognitive skills in young ESL students' writing revisionsKim, Weol-Soon
1992Semantic memory organization in young children : developmental shifts in the categorization of early wordsMaaka, Margaret Jane
1976Skin conductance and the effects of time distribution on encounter group learning : marathons versus spaced groupsLoomis, Thomas P.
1982A social behaviorism theory of learning disabilities : the effect of emotional-motivational characteristics on attentionHufano, Linda D.
1982Spatial perspective-taking as related to spatial ability and task demand characteristicsHirata, Glenn Terumi
1996A structural model of training and confidence as predictors of time spent teaching nutrition by elementary school teachersBritten, Patricia
1979Structuring experiences for internal or external attribution of control over reinforcement : the interaction of reinforcement contingency and situational constraintShapiro, Beppie J.
1991A study of selected respone aberrance indices as alternatives to the standard error of measurement in interpreting individual text scores: y Judy A. ShishidoShishido, Judy A.