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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975Facial cues, empathy and the theory of social behaviorismCarlson, Gary Edward
2008Good undergraduate writing in art, biology, and psychology : Implications for assessmentStitt-Bergh, Monica
2003Group instruction for students with autism spectrum disorders: implications for professional developmentWells, Jenny C.
1970Inducing achievement behavior through a planned group counseling programTang, Kendel Sunico
1994Influence of achievement motivation and prior mathematics achievement on locus of control and mathematics performance as impacted through written instructionsWillis Sanchez, LoriAnn
1976The influence of instructions on relationships between abilities and performance in a concept identification taskNorton, Ruth Elaine
2004The influence of personal and environmental factors on teacher preference for intervention in student altercationsCoffee, Allana Wade
1970Interest inventory items as attitude eliciting stimuli in classical conditioning: a test of the A-R-D theoryGross, Michael Carlon
1974Interpersonal distance in the primary family as a measure of school success after re-parenting of disadvantaged studentsBates, Edward Charles
Dec-2011Investigating the motivational profile of mentally tough collegiate athletesBair, Amy Elizabeth
1972A language behavior therapy program for couples seeking a better sexual adjustmentTerpstra, Margery Williams
Dec-2012Language teacher beliefs in context : an activity theoretical approachMastandrea, Adam
May-2011Long-term effects of native Hawaiian students' early academic achievement under the No Child Left Behind Legislation : a multilevel cohort analysisSingh, J. Malkeet
1978A mathematical model of word recognition strategiesChin-Chance, Selvin A.
1979A Monte Carlo study of cue salience measures obtained from the paired comparisons of multiple cue stimuliColbert, Gregory A.
2005A multilevel analysis estimating schools' likelihood of meeting NCLB academic target: a comparison of two models of effectivenessTakanishi, Stacey Michie
1986Natural versus computer languages : a reading comparisonCrosby, Martha Elizabeth
1987Nursing diagnosis : a perceptual studyWarren, Judith Judd
2002An oral history of the April 1, 1946 tsunami at Laupāhoehoe, Hawaiʻi: a case study in the educative value of constructing history from memory and narrativeNishimoto, Warren S.
1973Prediction of cognitive and divergent-productive intellectual abilities of Filipino sixth grade students from characteristics of their home environmentsBennett, Susan Moore