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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975The effect of an interpersonal skill training program on affective interpersonal behaviors of student teachersFine, Virginia Owens
1991The effect of contingency test instruction on locus of control and person reliabilityYang, Zijin
1973The effect of two group counseling methods on perceptual congruence in married pairsFisher, Robert Elwood
2004The effects of a culturally sensitive high school intervention program for native hawaiians on student alienation, academic achievement, and dropping outBarnard, Beverly J.
1974The effects of changes in family interpersonal relationships on the behavior of enuretic children and their parentsKnight, Nancy Allen
1984The effects of impulsivity attenuation through training of haptic differentiation and matching strategies on locus of control and risk takingCiotti, Joseph Edmond
1971Effects of nonverbal experiences on interpersonal communicationKunimoto, Elizabeth Nakaeda
2002The effects of policy on intercollegiate football programs: the intended and unintended effects of proposition 48Takahashi, Robin K.
1983Effects of stimulus person sex and sex role and imaginary vs. videotaped stimulus conditions on eliciting sex role stereotyped perceptionsWillinger, Wanita
1993The effects of ties on the distribution of the range of rank sums in the one-way classificationSoe, Kyaw
1982The effects of word potency, frequency, and graphic characteristics on word recognition in the parafoveal fieldGima, Shinye
1995Evaluating The Implementation Of Site-Managed Educational Programs: The Relationships Of Program Characteristics And Implementation Context With Level Of ImplementationWang, Zhigang
1971An experimental study of the visual eidetic imagery of Chinese school childrenLin, Chen-shan
1975Facial cues, empathy and the theory of social behaviorismCarlson, Gary Edward
2008Good undergraduate writing in art, biology, and psychology : Implications for assessmentStitt-Bergh, Monica
2003Group instruction for students with autism spectrum disorders: implications for professional developmentWells, Jenny C.
1970Inducing achievement behavior through a planned group counseling programTang, Kendel Sunico
1994Influence of achievement motivation and prior mathematics achievement on locus of control and mathematics performance as impacted through written instructionsWillis Sanchez, LoriAnn
1976The influence of instructions on relationships between abilities and performance in a concept identification taskNorton, Ruth Elaine
2004The influence of personal and environmental factors on teacher preference for intervention in student altercationsCoffee, Allana Wade