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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978Circular triad distributions with applications to complete paired comparisons dataKnezek, Gerald August
1978A mathematical model of word recognition strategiesChin-Chance, Selvin A.
1979A Monte Carlo study of cue salience measures obtained from the paired comparisons of multiple cue stimuliColbert, Gregory A.
1979Structuring experiences for internal or external attribution of control over reinforcement : the interaction of reinforcement contingency and situational constraintShapiro, Beppie J.
1979Development of a technique for the assessment of individual differences in social desirability and acquiescence response styles as related to personality assessmentWells, Kathleen M.
1982Spatial perspective-taking as related to spatial ability and task demand characteristicsHirata, Glenn Terumi
1982The effects of word potency, frequency, and graphic characteristics on word recognition in the parafoveal fieldGima, Shinye
1982A social behaviorism theory of learning disabilities : the effect of emotional-motivational characteristics on attentionHufano, Linda D.
1983Effects of stimulus person sex and sex role and imaginary vs. videotaped stimulus conditions on eliciting sex role stereotyped perceptionsWillinger, Wanita
1984The effects of impulsivity attenuation through training of haptic differentiation and matching strategies on locus of control and risk takingCiotti, Joseph Edmond
1985The accuracy of time sampling procedures for estimating behavioural frequencyMatthews, Timothy C.
1986Natural versus computer languages : a reading comparisonCrosby, Martha Elizabeth
1987Nursing diagnosis : a perceptual studyWarren, Judith Judd
1987Culture-specific typicality judgments and assessment of foreign language acquisitionPower, Michael A.
1987Abilities and performance in vocabulary acquisitionDunn-Rankin, Patricia A.
1990Analytical rotation in canonical analysisWong, Eddie Kim
1990Alcohol pattern test for adolescentsSantee, Robert George
1991A study of selected respone aberrance indices as alternatives to the standard error of measurement in interpreting individual text scores: y Judy A. ShishidoShishido, Judy A.
1991The role of metacognitive skills in young ESL students' writing revisionsKim, Weol-Soon
1991The effect of contingency test instruction on locus of control and person reliabilityYang, Zijin