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Dec-2002A Study of Selected States' Policies and Practices for Regulating Massage Therapy Schools and Training ProgramsMcKnight, James P.
May-2003Disability, culture, and education: a study of the empowerment of the physically disabled in the People's Republic of ChinaZhang, Lin
May-2003Is there a problem here? The history of Micronesian immigration and its affect on the experience of Micronesian children in Hawaii's schoolsPaul, Katherine A.
Aug-2003Re-educating the Japanese: the US occupation and postwar Japan's first minister of educationKumano, Ruriko
Aug-2003Parents decisions regarding childcare: the Guam perspectiveCruz, Felicity M.F.
Dec-2003Service learning: issues and challenges, past and presentReppun, Joshua Engel
Dec-2003Parents' perceptions of inclusion and pullout programs at an Oahu elementary schoolAgpalsa, Jody H.
May-2004Interrogating Assimilation: A Study Of Language And Identity Among Non-Native Students In JapanNakashima, Chikako
May-2004Bilingual Children In Hawai'i Their Languages, School Lives And Cultural IdentityUdo, Tomoko
May-2004A Trustworthy Historical Record: The Laterwriting Of Abraham Fornander, 1870-1887Haight, Pamela
Dec-2004Mothers' Strategies For Children's Education: Japanese Sojourn Families In Hawai'iWilcock, Chie
Aug-2005False Dichotomy: Peace Education And Character Education- Transcending The Duality Of The Moral Education WarsDoktor, Peter
May-2007Perspectives from Japanese international graduate students and the effectiveness of support programs/services at University of Hawaiʻi MānoaIwasaki, Jennifer L.S.
Dec-2007Science education and native Hawaiian peoples: a study of the dis/connection between science teaching and being native HawaiianAllaire, Franklin S.
Dec-2010Demarginalizing knowledge through place-based learning : exploring the educational experience at the lo'iWu, Pearl Zuyi
May-2014(Un)confining spaces : reconsidering contemporary educational assumptions through "pedagogy's hinge"Sojot, Amy N.