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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2004Bilingual Children In Hawai'i Their Languages, School Lives And Cultural IdentityUdo, Tomoko
1994Calvin's crusade : a reassessment of Calvin Milton Woodward's social and educational ideas for school reform in the United StatesYoder, Donald A.
Dec-1992A case study of school reform at Castle High School : an analysis utilizing Urie Bronfenbrenner's ecological theory of human developmentFurmark, Richard Allan
1988A convergent-stepwise needs assessment model to priority rank-order education for the handicapped programming in HawaiiLoos, Gregory Paul
Dec-2010Demarginalizing knowledge through place-based learning : exploring the educational experience at the lo'iWu, Pearl Zuyi
1987Diffusion of innovations in English language teaching : the English Language Exploratory Committee's promotion of C.C. Fries' oral approach in Japan, 1956-1968Henrichsen, Lynn Earl
May-2003Disability, culture, and education: a study of the empowerment of the physically disabled in the People's Republic of ChinaZhang, Lin
1987The disciplining of American school children, 1940-1980 : an historical studyBurton, Mary Alice Blanford
Aug-2005False Dichotomy: Peace Education And Character Education- Transcending The Duality Of The Moral Education WarsDoktor, Peter
1992Hawaii's parent-community networking experience : discovering community and community educationIng, Vivian Shim
1993Implications of a community-based drug prevention education program for school/community-based efforts in HawaiiHamann, Stephen Lorin
May-2004Interrogating Assimilation: A Study Of Language And Identity Among Non-Native Students In JapanNakashima, Chikako
May-2003Is there a problem here? The history of Micronesian immigration and its affect on the experience of Micronesian children in Hawaii's schoolsPaul, Katherine A.
1987Margaret Sanger and the birth control movement in Japan, 1921-1955Johnson, Malia Sedgewick
Dec-2004Mothers' Strategies For Children's Education: Japanese Sojourn Families In Hawai'iWilcock, Chie
1991Nature and culture in Thailand : the implementation of cultural ecology in environmental education through the application of behavioral sociologyPoranee Natadecha
Aug-2003Parents decisions regarding childcare: the Guam perspectiveCruz, Felicity M.F.
Dec-2003Parents' perceptions of inclusion and pullout programs at an Oahu elementary schoolAgpalsa, Jody H.
May-2007Perspectives from Japanese international graduate students and the effectiveness of support programs/services at University of Hawaiʻi MānoaIwasaki, Jennifer L.S.
Aug-2003Re-educating the Japanese: the US occupation and postwar Japan's first minister of educationKumano, Ruriko