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1987Diffusion of innovations in English language teaching : the English Language Exploratory Committee's promotion of C.C. Fries' oral approach in Japan, 1956-1968Henrichsen, Lynn Earl
1987Margaret Sanger and the birth control movement in Japan, 1921-1955Johnson, Malia Sedgewick
1987The disciplining of American school children, 1940-1980 : an historical studyBurton, Mary Alice Blanford
1988A convergent-stepwise needs assessment model to priority rank-order education for the handicapped programming in HawaiiLoos, Gregory Paul
1989Territorial normal and training school, 1895-1931 : an institutional history of public teacher education in HawaiiLogan, Linda Louise
1991Nature and culture in Thailand : the implementation of cultural ecology in environmental education through the application of behavioral sociologyPoranee Natadecha
1992Hawaii's parent-community networking experience : discovering community and community educationIng, Vivian Shim
Dec-1992A case study of school reform at Castle High School : an analysis utilizing Urie Bronfenbrenner's ecological theory of human developmentFurmark, Richard Allan
1993Implications of a community-based drug prevention education program for school/community-based efforts in HawaiiHamann, Stephen Lorin
1994The role of education in rural-urban migration : a case study in Chiangmai, ThailandSuwanna Chotisukan
1994Calvin's crusade : a reassessment of Calvin Milton Woodward's social and educational ideas for school reform in the United StatesYoder, Donald A.
1995Redefining gifted education : a response to excellence and equity concerns : the gifted program at Kahuku High and Intermediate SchoolAwaya, Allen
Dec-2002A Study of Selected States' Policies and Practices for Regulating Massage Therapy Schools and Training ProgramsMcKnight, James P.
May-2003Disability, culture, and education: a study of the empowerment of the physically disabled in the People's Republic of ChinaZhang, Lin
May-2003Is there a problem here? The history of Micronesian immigration and its affect on the experience of Micronesian children in Hawaii's schoolsPaul, Katherine A.
Aug-2003Re-educating the Japanese: the US occupation and postwar Japan's first minister of educationKumano, Ruriko
Aug-2003Parents decisions regarding childcare: the Guam perspectiveCruz, Felicity M.F.
Dec-2003Service learning: issues and challenges, past and presentReppun, Joshua Engel
Dec-2003Parents' perceptions of inclusion and pullout programs at an Oahu elementary schoolAgpalsa, Jody H.
May-2004Interrogating Assimilation: A Study Of Language And Identity Among Non-Native Students In JapanNakashima, Chikako