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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The Contribution of Forest Products to Dryland Household Economy: The case of Kiang’ombe hill forest, KenyaNgugi, Grace; Newton, Leonard E.; Muasya, Muthama
2011Ethnobotanical and Economic Observations of Some Plant Resources from the Northern Parts of PakistanSher, Hazrat; Elyemeni, Mohammad; Hussain, Kamran; Sher, Hassan
2011Ethnobotanical Knowledge of Men, Women and Children in Rural Niger: A mixedmethods approachGuimbo, Iro Dan; Muller, Jocelyn; Larwanou, Mahamane
2011Ethnobotanical studies in the genus Sansevieria Thunb. (Asparagaceae) in ZimbabweTakawira-Nyenya, Ratidzayi; Stedje, Brita
2011Ethnobotany of Juniperus excelsa M. Bieb. (Cupressaceae) in IranPirani, Atefeh; Moazzeni, Hamid; Mirinejad, Shahab; Naghibi, Farzaneh; Mosaddegh, Mahmoud
2011Ethnomedicinal plants of India with special reference to an Indo-Burma hotspot region : An overviewRai, Prabhat Kumar; Lalramnghinglova, H.
2011Etnoecología de las especies vegetales de los bosques estacionalmente secos del Estado MéridaAranguren, Anairamiz; Márquez, Nelson Jhonny
2011Folk Classification of Shea Butter Tree (Vitellaria paradoxa subsp. nilotica) Ethno-varieties in UgandaGwali, Samson; Okullo, John Bosco Lamoris; Eilu, Gerald; Nakabonge, Grace; Nyeko, Philip; Vuzi, Peter
2011Herbal Bouquets Blessed on Assumption Day in South-Eastern Poland: Freelisting versus photographic inventoryŁuczaj, Łukasz
2011Herbal Formulations from Cold Desert Plants Used For Gynecological DisordersBallabh, Basant; Chaurasia, O.P.
2011Linking Past and Present: A preliminary paleoethnobotanical study of Maya nutritional and medicinal plant use and sustainable cultivation in the Southern Maya Mountains, BelizeAbramiuk, Marc A.; Dunham, Peter S.; Cummings, Linda Scott; Yost, Chad; Pesek, Todd J.
2011Mango trees as cultural indicators in the Limahuli Valley, KauaiStangeland, Torunn
2011“Modern Linnaeus”: A class exercise on plant nomenclature and taxonomy in comparison with a previous experimentSavo, V.; Bisceglie, S.; Caneva, G.; Kumbaric, A.; McClatchey, W.C.; Reedy, D.
2011Proving that Traditional Knowledge Works: The antibacterial activity of Northern Peruvian medicinal plantsBussmann, Rainer W.; Glenn, Ashley; Sharon, D.; Chait, D Díaz; Pourmand, K.; Jonat, B.; Somogy, S.; Guardado, G.; Aguirre, C.; Chan, R.; Meyer, K.; Rothrock, A.; Townesmith, A.
2011Staple food choices in Samoa : Do changing dietary trends reflect local food preferences?Jones, Andrew Maxwell Phineas; Dempewolf, Hannes; Armstrong, Rebecca; Gallucci, Kathy; Tavana, Namulau’ulu Gaugau
2011Surviving on Knowledge: Ethnobotany of Chepang community from midhills of NepalRijal, Arun
2011Survivor Rongelap : Health issues and use of traditional medicine among the women of Rongelap AtollReleford, Jodi Stevens; McClatchey, Will C.
2011To Strengthen the Teeth and Harden the Gums - Teeth blackening as medical practice in Asia, Micronesia and MelanesiaZumbroich, Thomas J.
2011Traditional Knowledge, Use Practices and Conservation of Medicinal Plants for HIV/AIDS Care in Rural TanzaniaKisangau, Daniel P.; Herrmann, Thora Martina; Lyaruu, Herbert V.M.; Hosea, Ken M.; Joseph, Cosam C.; Mbwambo, Zakaria H.; Masimba, Pax J.
2011Vaavubhali, a Traditional Festival for Remembering AncestorsFranco, F Merlin; Robin, D T Rose