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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Technology start-up companies in Hawaiʻi : common resources of those who have attained viabilityKanemori, Sandi M.L
Dec-2012The impact of global consumer culture on cultural values portrayed in print advertising in Japanese and American magazinesReeves, Sarah Jean
Dec-2011The impact of public relations on corporate social responsibility in large Thai businessesPasvekin, Opaporn
Dec-2013The Perceived Impact of Social Network Sites on Knowledge Worker Productivity and ConcentrationPond, Jamieson Lewis
Aug-2012The relationships between the friendship networks and sojourner adjustment of Chinese international students in the United StatesZhang, Lingli
2007Types of support offered by online message boards for people diagnosed with genital herpesRussman, Christin M.
Dec-2010United States government cybersecurity policy : protecting critical infrastructures from malicious hacker attack methods and cyberwarde Laura, Davey A.
Dec-2010Utilizing social media to engage Hawaiʻi citizens : how the 2010 Hawaiʻi mayoral and gubernatorial candidates utilized social media during the primary electionsDar, Yasmin Ather
2008Views of authenticity of the Hawaiian hula within Hawaiʻi and JapanYoshizumi, Hikaru
2007Web site credibility and teachers' evaluations of educational web sites that present global citizenship curriculumKent, Jeffrey
Dec-2014Who will talk to me ? An exploratory case study on death and dying in a talking circleCrockett, Charmaine C.
May-2013Why you talk li' dat ? : uses and gratifications of Hawaiʻi Creole EnglishChung, Malia R.