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Title: The Effect of Learners’ Proficiency on the Provision of Implicit Negative Feedback and Its Incorporation in the Interaction between Non-native Speakers of English
Authors: Kim, Yong Hwan
Keywords: negative feedback
corrective feedback
implicit feedback
dyad interaction
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: This research proposal will investigate the effect of learners’ proficiency on the provision of implicit negative feedback and the incorporation of the feedback. The study will be a descriptive and exploratory study as it will only observe and explain the behavior of the learners in a particular setting. To elicit interactional production data, two one-way information tasks will be used where one participant will describe a given picture whereas the other partner has to draw it. Although the results have not been investigated yet, this study will present insight about how learners at the same or different level of L2 proficiency interact each other, what kind of help they could provide with respect to error correction, and what might be the optimal way to pair the learners in pair-work activities.
Pages/Duration: 32 pages
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