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Title: Evaluation of Pre-semester Induction Practices for New Teachers in the ELI 
Author: Yang, Weiwei; Limuro, Aki
Date: 2006
Abstract: The current study focuses on the evaluation of pre-semester induction practices for ELI new teachers. Specifically, it seeks to answer how well the pre-semester induction practices help new teachers to well prepare teaching tasks in the ELI. The data was collected via interview (administrators and new, experienced teachers), focus group, and questionnaire. The comparison between program’s intended outcomes on part of administrators and those from teachers were consistent. Moreover, the survey data revealed that “Observing ELI classes”, and “Meeting and talking to lead teacher and other ELI teachers” were perceived by teachers as the most helpful pre-semester induction practices.
Pages/Duration: 33 pages
Keywords: program evaluation, teacher training, induction practice, teacher preparation

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