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Title: Advice-seeking and Advice-giving in the ELI CAM: Construction of Novice/Expert Status
Authors: Yang, Weiwei
Keywords: ethnographic method
advice giving
identity construction
peer scaffolding
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: In a Curriculum Area Meeting (CAM) at ELI, dynamics in dialogues emerge with regards to different group dynamics, participation patterns and language uses. This is assumed to be attributed to the many interweaving identities of the participants from different status (e.g. NS/NNS and novice/expert), gender, and ethnicity. Thus, this study analyzes dialogue from one CAM and explores how identities are represented and negotiated through language use. By answering questions as to who sought for advice, who gave advice to the advice-seeker, and how their status of novice or expert was constructed in the CAM dialogue, it was found that identity is represented and constructed through the use of language in a social context.
Pages/Duration: 19 pages
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