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Title: The Effects of Glosses and Tasks on L2 Vocabulary Acquisition: A Pilot Study 
Author: Lee, Jung Min
Date: 2007
Abstract: This study investigates the effects of different types of glosses and task inclusion on incidental L2 vocabulary acquisition. Specifically, it seeks to answer how different types of glosses and inclusion of a task affect vocabulary acquisition in terms of initial learning and retention. 24 Participants were assigned to one of four different subgroups: (a) Definitional Glosses (DG) and a fill-in-the-blank task, (b) only DG, (c) Contextual Glosses (CG) and a fill-in-the-blank task, and (d) only CG. The analysis of a two-way factorial MANOVA revealed the followings findings: (a) the students who read the passage with DG considerably performed better on vocabulary posttest and delayed posttest than those who read the same passage with CG, but there was no statistical significance between two types of glosses on L2 vocabulary acquisition; (b) the students who conducted a fill-in-the-blank task after reading the passage scored better on vocabulary posttest and delayed posttest than those who did not practice the task after reading, but statistical significance of the task did not apply to delayed posttest; (c) there was no statistical interaction effect of glosses and a fill-in-the blank task on L2 vocabulary acquisition.
Pages/Duration: 18 pages
Keywords: vocabulary acquisition, glosses, task-based vocabulary learning, fill-in-the blank

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