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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Abridged Estimate of Inter-rater Reliability in ELI Writing AssessmentKoyama, Dennis; Silver, Dan
2012Addressing silence, dominance and off-task talk in group work in an academic writing classSharma, Bal Krishna
2007Administrator Interview Report: Planning Released Teachers' ProjectsOmori, Makoto
2006Advice-seeking and Advice-giving in the ELI CAM: Construction of Novice/Expert StatusYang, Weiwei
2008An Analysis of Reliability and Item Fuction of the ELIPT Dictation TestDavis, Larry
2005An Assessment of Performance Differentials by Gender and Educational Level in ELI Placement TestLekprichakul, Thamana
2013Building autonomy in an L2 reading course: A report on a curriculum development projectWest, Gordon
2008Comparing Teacher and Student Perceptions about Second Language Writing FeedbackJohnstun, Ann
2011Conceding in Disagreements during Small Group Interactions in Academic Writing ClassSharma, Bal Krishna
2011The Construct Validation of ELI Listening Placement TestsChun, Jean Young
2007Corrective Feedback and Learner Uptake during a Small Group Activity in an ELI ContextChoi, Yun Deok
2008Correlation and Reliability Project: Analyzing the ELI reading placement testJeong, Hyejin; Lim, Eunjeong
2007Descriptive Study on Corrective Feedback and Learner Uptake during Interactions between a Teacher and Students in terms of Recast versus PromptsChoi, Yun Deok
2005Design, Results, and Analysis of a Plagiarism Test for Advanced ELI Writing ClassesMcClanahan, Kelly
2008Developing a Task-based Assessment of EAP PragmaticsYoun, Soo Jung
2004Differentiating Beginning ESL Undergraduate and Graduate Students' Writing NeedsLi, Fang-I
2010Dissertation Writing for NNES Students Regarding Writing Process, Difficulties, and SupportHsu, Wei-Li
2005Drawing on Theories of Critical Academic Literacies in the ELI 83 ClassroomMcClanahan, Kelly
2007EAP Listening and Speaking: From Needs Analysis to EvaluationChan, Elisa; Ham, Koeun
2005The Effect of Learners’ Proficiency on the Provision of Implicit Negative Feedback and Its Incorporation in the Interaction between Non-native Speakers of EnglishKim, Yong Hwan