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1973Geological Prospects for Development of Geothermal Energy in HawaiiMacDonald, Gordon A.
1-Mar-1973Research Proposal to National Science Foundation, Research Applied to National Needs (RAMN)Woolard, George
Dec-1974Geothermal exploration : An evaluation of the microseismic groundnoise methodSkokan, Jacob Jerome
1975A coordinated exploration program for geothermal sources on the island of HawaiiFurumoto, Augustine S.
1977Chemistry, petrography, and hydrothermal alteration of basalts from Hawaii Geothermal Project Well-A, Kilauea, HawaiiStone, Claudia
1977Water Quality of HGP-A Well WatersLau, L. Stephen; Kroopnick, Peter; Bills, David; Thomas, Don
1978Results of Electric Survey in the Area of Hawaii Geothermal Test Well HGP-AKauahikaua, James; Klein, Douglas
1978Isotopes and Gases in a Hawaiian Geothermal System: HGP-AThomas, Donald; Kroopnick, Peter M.
1978Helium in Fumarole and Well Gases as an Index of Long-Term Geothermal PotentialNaughton, John J.; Thomas, Donald
1978Seismic and lava flow risk analysis for geothermal well site, HGP-A, island of Hawaii-
1978The Hawaii Geothermal Project: An Aerometric Study of Mercury and Sulfur EmissionsSiegel, B.Z.; Siegel, S.M.
1978Geochemistry of a Hawaii geothermal well: HGP-AKroopnick, Peter M; Lau, L.S.; Buddemeier, R.W.; Thomas, Donald M
24-Jan-1978Reconnaissance geological investigations of geothermal energy potential of Kohala, Lanai, and West Molokai volcanos, HawaiiGrose, L.T.
1-Jul-1978Technical Papers Contributed to Geothermal Resources Council Meeting, Hilo, Hawaii, July 24-28, 1978-
1979Cl/Mg Ratio of Hawaiian Groundwaters as a Regional Geothermal IndicatorCox, Malcolm E.; Thomas, Donald M.
1979A Simple, Inexpensive Downhole Geothermal Fluid SamplerThomas, Donald M.
1980Ground Radon Survey of a Geothermal Area in Hawaii (Publication)Cox, Malcolm E.
1980Hawaii Geothermal Resource Assessment Program, Collected Reprints 1977-1980Hawaii Institute of Geophysics
1980Hawaii Geothermal Resource Assessment Program, Direct Heat Resource Assessment Interim Report, February 1, 1979 to January 31, 1980Thomas, Donald M.; Cox, Malcolm E.; Lienert, Barry R.; Kauahikaua, James P.; Mattice, Mark D.
1980Hawaii geothermal resource assessment program, Western State Cooperative, direct heat resource assessment phase I, final report-