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1989Research Directions in Solids Deposition in Geothermal SystemsThomas, D.M.; Gudmundsson, J.S.
1989The Hawaiian-Emperor Chain-
1990Non-Condensable Gas Reinjection Test Conducted at the HGP-A Wellhead Generator Facility (September 1, 1989 through December 10, 1990), Final ReportThomas, Donald M.
1990Minutes for meetings on 1/10/1990 and 2/8/1990 for the Board of Ethics, County of Hawaii-
Aug-1990The History and Significance of the Hawaii Geothermal ProjectThomas, Donald M.
Oct-1991Modeling hydrogeology and geothermal energy in the Kilauea East Rift Zone, Hawaii : A preproposal-
13-Dec-1991Experimental Design for Soil Gas Radon MonitoringThomas, D.M.; Cotter, J.M.; Holford, D.
1992Silica Recovery and Control in Hawaiian Geothermal Fluids, Final ReportThomas, Donald M.
Jun-1992Silica Recovery and Control in Hawaiian Geothermal Fluids: Final ReportThomas, Donald M.
5-Jun-1992Physical characterization of magmatic liquids: Final report, August 15, 1985--February 28, 1991Manghnani, M.H.
6-Sep-6325Two-Domain Estimation of Hydraulic Properties in Macropore SoilsChen, C.; Thomas, D.M.; Green, R.E.; Wagenet, R.J
1994Scientific Observation HOLE Core Sampling Log SOH-2.Hulsebosh, Thomas P.
2-Jun-2993Analysis of Volatile-Phase Transport in Soils Using Natural Radon Gas as a TracerChen, C.; Thomas, D.M.
18-Mar-1994Interim Progress Report - Geochemistry Monitoring Program-
18-Mar-1994Draft: Interim Progress Report - Geochemistry Monitoring ProgramThomas, Donald M.
1995Kukui (Molokai), Inc. Vs. Commission on Water Resource Management, State of Hawaii-
1-May-1995A conceptual model of shallow groundwater flow within the lower east rift zone of Kilauea Volcano, HawaiiNovak, Elizabeth A.
1981Geophysical reconnaissance of prospective geothermal areas on the Island of Hawaii using electrical methodsKauahikaua, James P.
1985Temperature Profiles for Various Wells in the Kilauea East Rift ZoneHawaii Geothermal Project
The HGP-A generator facility : Reservoir characteristics and operating history : EPRI research project 1195-12Thomas, Donald