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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989The Hawaiian-Emperor Chain-
1978Helium in Fumarole and Well Gases as an Index of Long-Term Geothermal PotentialNaughton, John J.; Thomas, Donald
The HGP-A generator facility : Reservoir characteristics and operating history : EPRI research project 1195-12Thomas, Donald
1982The HGP-A Generator Facility: Reservoir Characteristics and Operating History for EPRI Research Project 1195-12Thomas, Donald
Aug-1990The History and Significance of the Hawaii Geothermal ProjectThomas, Donald M.
18-Mar-1994Interim Progress Report - Geochemistry Monitoring Program-
1978Isotopes and Gases in a Hawaiian Geothermal System: HGP-AThomas, Donald; Kroopnick, Peter M.
Kilauea, Haleakala, and Hualalai rift zones-
1995Kukui (Molokai), Inc. Vs. Commission on Water Resource Management, State of Hawaii-
Maps of well sites in East Rift Zone, Puna, Hawaii-
Minearalogical assessment of reservoir fluid conditions, SOH geothermal drill holesSykes, Martha L.
1990Minutes for meetings on 1/10/1990 and 2/8/1990 for the Board of Ethics, County of Hawaii-
Oct-1991Modeling hydrogeology and geothermal energy in the Kilauea East Rift Zone, Hawaii : A preproposal-
1990Non-Condensable Gas Reinjection Test Conducted at the HGP-A Wellhead Generator Facility (September 1, 1989 through December 10, 1990), Final ReportThomas, Donald M.
1982An Overview of Some Geologic and Environmental Aspects of Geothermal Development in HawaiiThomas, Donald M.
5-Jun-1992Physical characterization of magmatic liquids: Final report, August 15, 1985--February 28, 1991Manghnani, M.H.
Proposal for acquiring zero-offset vertical seismic profile in SOH, HawaiiMoore, Gregory; Fryer, Gerard
A proposal for the chemical and mineralogical characterization of SOH coresSinton, John; Hulsebosch, Tom
1987Puna Geothermal Venture Project : Environmental Impact Statement.[Anonymous]
24-Jan-1978Reconnaissance geological investigations of geothermal energy potential of Kohala, Lanai, and West Molokai volcanos, HawaiiGrose, L.T.