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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Oceans of Knowing: Rainbows in the Mist of Transformation and Education. A Woman's Pilgrimage through Aotearoa New Zealand and the United StatesHumbert, Judith
2000One Person, Two Worlds? Two Persons, One World? Cultural Identity Through the Eyes of New Zealand Born SamoansChun, Mary K.
1986The Origins of Indigenous Political Parties in Polynesia and MelanesiaWolf, Ira
1999Out of the Shadow of the American Empire: Music and Resistance in Hawai'iCalis, Irene
1995Pacific Island Nations: The Wave of the FutureMiller-Eisenpress, Ursula
2009The Perpetuation of the Chamorro Language in Guam: Examination of Government Policy and Guam's MediaCastro-Perez, Madonna
2007Ples Blong Olgeta Sista: Ni-Vanuatu Catholic Sisters Navigating Places and SpacesLightner, Sara B.
1989Political and Economic Self-Determination in the South Pacific: The Significance of Constitutional Status in Post-Colonial Relations in the Pacific: Some Aspects of Aid, Trade, and RegionalismLow, Sau C.
1981Politics, Cultural Continuity, and the Historic Preservation Program on PonapeDenoncour, Mark
1987Polynesian Dance in the Hawaiian Tourist Industry in Waikiki, 1981Uchiyama, Ricalda Renee
1994Polynesian Folk Tales of Supernatural Creatures and Animal KupunaLenci, Susan T.
1993Popular Theater and Development in MelanesiaAoki, Diane K.
1998Pro-Annexationist Propaganda in the Pacific Commercial Advertiser 1898Spock Rhiyyih
1981A Program Proposal for Post-Secondary Hospitality Education in MicronesiaLinker, Thomas
1993Publishing and Development in Melanesia, with Solomon Islands ExamplesChapman, Linley
1995Righting Civil Wrongs: The Guam Congress Walkout of 1949Hattori, Anne Perez
1984Samoan Dance Genres and Other Related SubjectsColoma, Kit Skeoch
2011Sapon Riki Ba Kain Toromon: A Study of the I-Kiribati Community in Solomon IslandsTabe, Tammy
2008Se Tala Mai Hawai'i: Reflections on Being Samoan in Hawai'iAchica, Lucille (Sia)
1986Senis Bilong LoMiria-Tairea, Mathilda