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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The Reinstitution of a Traditional Hawaiian Practice: A Native Perspective of Ritualistism Through the Performance of He'eholuaStone, Thomas
2004Remapping home : touring the betweenness of KwajaleinDvorak, Gregory E.
2011Rethinking Youth Bulge Theory and Threat Discourse in Melanesia: Listening In, and Connecting With Young People in Papua New GuineaKaiku, Patrick
2011Rising Waves of Change: Sociocultural Impacts of Climate Change in the Village of Tafitoala, Samoa, In the Face of GlobalizationHirabe, Aska
1989Serving Samoan Youth in Honolulu: Culture, Religious Education, and Social AdjustmentStepp Jr., Theodore J.
1983Singing Games of Papua New Guinea and Tuvalu: A Classification and Analysis of Music and MovementLobban, William D.
2003Stolen Identity: Defining 'Aihue From A Hawaiian PerspectiveAntonio, Susan Kapulani
1977A Study of the Missionary Effort to Civilize the Hawaiian CommonerJohnson, William P.
1995Through Khaki Tinted Lenses: An Analysis of New Zealanders' Impressions of the Pacific During World War IIPethig, Jennifer L.
1999Tirawata Irouia: Re-Presenting Banaban HistoriesTeaiwa, Katerina
2001The Use and Treatment of Micronesian Labor Under the Japanese Empire, 1922-1945Stanton, Heather
2011Vete: The Emerging Movement on Efate, Vanuatu Politics and Indigenous AlternativesWilson, Dorah
2010Wa Kuk Wa Jimor: Outrigger Canoes, Social Change, and Modern Life in the Marshall IslandsMiller, Rachel
2008Wanem we mifala i wantem [what we want] : a community perspective of vernacular education in VanuatuShipman, Trisha S.
1993When Injustice Becomes Justice: Western Domination Over Hawai'i Through Political MythmakingIwata, Taro
Dec-2014Whispered memories of Belau's bais : a cherechar a lokeliiIechad, Kora M.
Dec-2014Yumi olgeta papua niugini : cultural identity formations and national consciousness among urban-educated youth in Papua New GuineaHermes, Karin Louise
2008ʻOnipaʻa ka ʻoiaʻiʻo hearing voices : long ignored indigenous-language testimony challenges the current historiography of Hawaiʻi NeiWilliams, Ronald Clayton