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2007Multi-genome annotation of genome fragments using hidden Markov model profilesMenor, Mark
2007Cost and accuracy of packet-level vs. analytical network simulations : an empirical studyFujiwara, Kayo
2008Network threat detection utilizing adaptive and innate immune system metaphorsFanelli, Robert L.
2008Bayesian learning framework with kernel-imbedded Gaussian processes applied to microarray analysisZhao, Xin
Dec-2010A personalized recommender agent for the world wide web--a semantic perspectiveChang, Pei-Chia
Dec-2010Dynamic fractional resource scheduling for cluster platformsStillwell, Mark Lee
May-2011A centralized voter verification process to improve security and reliability in the current U.S. voter registration systemPeou, Lyneth
May-2011On the feasibility of dynamic fractional resource scheduling for clustersSchanzenbach, David Leo
Aug-2011A framework for efficient creation and customization of high level program visualizationsWu, Jo-Han
May-2012Computational methods and algorithms for phage metagenomic data analysisBelcaid, Mahdi
May-2012Parallel XPath query evaluation on multi-core processorsKarsin, Benjamin H.
Aug-2012Information theoretic clustering of astrobiology documentsMiller, Lisa Jane
Aug-2012Makahiki : an extensible open-source platform for creating energy competitionsLee, George Edward
Dec-2012Query-aware compression of join resultsMullins, Christopher Michael
May-2013Fostering sustained energy behavior change and increasing energy literacy in a student housing energy challengeBrewer, Robert Stephen
Aug-2013Turns, sequences, and inscriptions : investigating representational practice in a semiotic-rich online environmentMedina, Richard Anthony
Aug-2013Design guidelines for a mobile patient monitoring systemLeung, Ka Yee Alice
May-2014Kukini : the challenges in the design, implementation, and evaluation of a digital records transfer tool for the Hawaii state digital archivesHiraide, Keone Yutaro
Aug-2014Multiscale community detection using markov dynamicsAltunkaya, Ali
Aug-2014Kernel-based empirical bayesian classification methods with applications to protein phosphorylation and non-coding RNAMenor, Mark Soroten