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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1995Study of chemical migration from fertilizer in soil water and runoff at the Windward Community College Landscape Training FacilityBudak, Aydin David
2006Understanding the travel behavior of the elderly on OahuLucas, Tara Y.I.
2006Evaluation of parameters influencing oxygen transfer efficiency in a membrane bioreactorHu, Jing
May-2012Assessment of traffic impact studies on Oahu between 1976 and 2002Caroee, Maja
May-2012License plate survey for traffic analysis : improving accuracy with correction algorithmsAbrishamkar, Alireza
May-2012Verification of fuse connector performance for hybrid masonry seismic structural systemsMitsuyuki, Steven Satomi
May-2012Prediction of chloride penetration rates in Hawaiian concrete in a marine environmentRopert, Joshua Lee
May-2012Generalized processing of FBG/FRP strain data for structural health monitoringStockdale, Gabriel Lee
May-2012Period-one rotating solution of parametric pendulums by iterative harmonic balanceZhang, Hui
May-2012Chlordane and dieldrin contamination and biodegradation in Ala Wai Canal sedimentLee, Cindy Mun Yee
Aug-2012Geometric Effects on Maximum Power Absorption Efficiency for a Single, Two-Dimensional Heaving BodyHager, Rachael Elizabeth
Aug-2012Material characterization in support of implementation of the mechanistic-empirical pavement design guideRayapeddi Kumar, Jayanth Kumar
Aug-2012Long wave run-up over submerged reef and breakwaterShimabuku, Nathan Takayuki
Dec-2012Hybrid masonry connector plate and headed stud small-scale wall testingAoki, James Mitsunori Katsuki
May-2014Structural health monitoring of the first geosynthetic reinforced soil--integrated bridge system in HawaiiLawrence, Joseph Brandin
May-2014Observations from load tests on geosynthetic reinforced soilIwamoto, Melia K.
May-2014Evaluating the Effect of O Ľahu Climate Data on MEPDG Distress PredictionsPerrett, Matthew Kenneth
Aug-2014Impact of water eutrophication on bacterial indicator organisms occurrence and survivalFerrufino, Alejandra Cecilia
Dec-2014Experimental study on the effect of submerged breakwater configuration on long wave run-up reductionShing, Tony Kai Chung
Dec-2014Dynamic segregation of self-consolidating concrete : new test method and effects of mix proportionsLi, Wenmei