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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2010A protective role of transmembrane channel-like proteins in human papillomavirus infectionBarnhill, Jason Charles
Dec-2010An inflammatory role of relaxin at the maternal-fetal interfaceHorton, Jaime Saya
2008A cellular mechanism for coral bleaching under various environmental conditionsDowns, Craig A.
Dec-2010Determining the role of HIV-DNA in relation to activated monocytes in the development of HIV-associated neurocognitive disordersAgsalda, Melissa Anne
2008The Drosophila ATP-Binding Cassette transporter gene dMRP is related to the human Multidrug Resistance-associated Protein (MRP) family and functions as a xenobiotic transporterCogbill, Jolene Noelani Tarnay
2008Evaluating the risk of ciguatera fish poisoning from reef fish in Hawai'i : Development of ELISA applications for the detection of ciguatoxinCampora, Cara Empey
May-2014Inflammation associated cancers and potential therapeuticsRose, Aaron Hugh
2008Making sense out of nonsense : Mechanistic insight into selenoprotein synthesis factorsSquires, Jeffrey E.
May-2014Mechanistic regulation of selenoprotein mRNAs during selenium deficiencySeyedali, Ali
Dec-2014Molecular investigations of the pteroinae : insights into the invasive lionfishes from the native rangeWilcox, Christie Lynn
Dec-2014N-terminal beta amyloid fragments regulate nicotinic acetylcholine receptorsLawrence, James Le Marchant
May-2014Nonviral vector strategies for ultrasound targeted microbubble destruction-mediated hepatic gene therapyAnderson, Cynthia Dawn
May-2014Novel piggyBac transposase vectors for safer gene addition into mammalian genomesOwens, Jesse Bruce
Aug-2011Novel role of RASGRP1 in ras activation in keratinocytes : implications for skin carcinogenesisSharma, Amrish
Aug-2014Regulation of integrin trafficking by PEA-15Caliva, Maisel Jay
May-2012The role of connexin43-interacting protein, CIP85 in the trafficking of connexin43Carl, Kimberly Eileen Maile
May-2012The selenium recycling enzyme selenocysteine lyase : regulation and physiological role in glucose and lipid metabolismSeale, Lucia Andreia
Aug-2012Utilization of selenium in the mouse brain : implications for neurological diseaseRaman, Arjun Venkat