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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Akua hula manuWilkens, Teresa R.
May-2003Akua hulu manu through materialsCaldeira, Leah Pualahaʻole
2005Artistic meaning and conceptual frameworks : themes of gender and time in foreign imaging of Ni-Vanuatu material cultureHostetter, Carla
May-2012Cosmopolitanism: The New Generation of Contemporary Artists in Papua GuineaCadora, Marion
May-2011Esteemed Link: An Argument for Xue Susu as LiteratiHoffman, Cordes McMahan
May-2013Landscape Discourse and Images of Nature in Japanese Visual Culture of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth CenturiesKane, Andrew
Aug-2009The Making of Unofficial Space: 1989 and the Definition of a Chinese VanguardLiu, Gary
May-2012Pictures of an Island Kingdom: Depictions of Ryukyu in Early Modern JapanSeifman, Travis
2015Power, Ecstasy, and Englightenment: The Role of the Bale Kambang in 17th Century Balinese KingshipPham, Daniel M.D.
2008Pu taiana : signifiers of the female role in Marquesan societyHiura, Jaclyn K.
2004Re-presenting "the Kona style" : examining the multiple identities of KūʻAnae-Onishi, Wanda Keʻala
2004Reimaging China : history painting of Xu Beihong in early twentieth centuryWong, Ka F.
2011Remembering Mono-Ha: The Reconstruction of EncountersJack, James
May-2012Sini Calligraphy: The Preservation of Chinese Muslims' Cultural HeritageGhoname, Hala
Aug-2006Status of the Materials Used in Suzhou Gardens in the Late Ming DynastyLee, Wunsze Sylvia
Dec-2002Two Visions of the Orchid Pavilion Gathering: A Reconsideration of the Socio-Political Significance of the Paintings by Kano Sansetsu and Ikeno Taiga in the Tokugawa Period (1615 - 1868)Madar, Kazuko