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1975The Utilization of Volcano Energy: The Proceedings of a United States-Japan Cooperative Science Seminar Held at Hilo, Hawaii, February 4-8, 1974.United States-Japan Cooperative Science Seminar on Utilization of Volcano Energy
Sep-1976November 1990 monthly report : Scientific Observation Hole (SOH) Program geothermal resource permit: GRP 89-1 Lilewa, Kapoho, and Halekamahina, Hawaii TMK: 1-2-10:01; 1-4-01:02; and 1-4-02:32-
1977Hawaii Geothermal Project: Phase III - Well Testing and Analysis, Progress Report for the First Quarter of Federal FY77Shupe, John W.; Helsley, Charles E.; Yuen, Paul C.
1978Planning for Geothermal Development in HawaiiChen, Bill H.; Grabbe, Eugene M.
Jan-1978Summary : Geothermal energy in HawaiiHawaii Geothermal Project, University of Hawaii
1980Preliminary Report on the Location of Producing Layers of Geothermal Well HGP-A, Puna, HawaiiKitamura, Ellen
1980Potential noise issues with geothermal development in HawaiiBurgess, John C.
1980The impact of geothermal resource development in Hawaii : including air and water qualitySiegel, S.M. (Sanford Marvin)
1-Jun-1980The impact of geothermal development on the geology and hydrology of the Hawaiian IslandsFeldman, C.; Siegel, B.Z.
1981Geothermal Energy for Hawaii: A ProspectusYen, Winifred W.S.; Iacofano, Daniel S.
1982Utilization of geothermal heat in tropical fruit drying processChen, Bill H.; Lopez, Louis P.; King, Robert; Fujii, Jack; Tanaka, Melvin
1984A Preliminary Proposal to Establish the Puna Small Business Geothermal High Tech Park: A Cost-Matching Economic Development ProgramTakahashi, Patrick K.
2-Jan-1984Exploratory Energy Research Program of the University of Hawaii at Manoa : Quarterly progress report-
1985A report on the Invitational Workshop on Geothermal Technology for the Pacific Basin, University of Hawaii at Hilo, August 23, 1985Invitational Workshop on Geothermal Technology for the Pacific Basin
Jan-1985A Pacific-wide geothermal research laboratory : The Puna Geothermal Research FacilityTakahashi, Patrick; Seki, Arthur; Chen, Bill H.
Apr-1985Puna geothermal area biotic assessment, Puna District, County of Hawaii : final report-
1-Sep-1985Hydrogen sulfide and health in Rotorua, New Zealand : Final report March 1984 - September 1985Siegel, Sanford Marvin
Nov-1985Noi'i O Puna : The Puna Research CenterSeki, Arthur S.; Chen, Bill H.; Woodruff, Jim; Takahashi, Patrick K.
Jan-1986Noi'i O Puna : Geothermal research in HawaiiSeki, Arthur S.; Chen, Bill H.; Takahashi, Patrick K.; Woodruff, Jim
1987Geothermal spas in Hawaii : a new tourist industry? (a preliminary report)Woodruff, James L