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  • Seki, Arthur S; Chen, Bill H; Takahashi, Patrick K (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1977-03-14)
    The initial conditions (physical and chemical state) of a geothermal reservoir and its fluids are important information needed in geothermal reservoir engineering for determining the future productivity of the reservoir. ...
  • Seki, Arthur S; Chen, Bill H; Takahashi, Patrick K (University of Hawaii, 1978-04)
  • Takahashi, Patrick K; Seki, Arthur S; Chen, Bill H (University of Hawaii, 1986)
    The Puna Research Center (PRC) will provide a facility next to the Hawaii Geothermal Project for high technology research, development and demonstration in geothermal and related activities. PRC will initiate an industrual ...
  • Chen, Bill H; Lopez, Louis P; Kuwada, James T; Farrington, Ray J (Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii / Rogers Engineering Co., Inc., 1980-09)
    The HGP-A Well underwent a substantial workover last fall. A new tie-back 7" casing was installed from surface to 3,000 ft. A two-week test was conducted in January, 1980, with full hydrogen sulfide and noise abatement. ...
  • Takahashi, Patrick K; Chen, Bill H; Mashima, Ken I; Seki, Arthur S (University of Hawaii at Manoa / University of Hawaii at Hilo, 1975-07)
    The paper is a comprehensive survey into the "state-of-the-art" in geothermal reservoir engineering, and while there is a general lack of hard quantitative data, there is rapid progress beginning to be made in the field. ...
  • Chen, Bill H; Kihara, Deane H; Seki, Arthur S; Yuen, Paul C (University of Hawaii at Hilo, 1979-04)
    Since the successful initial flashing on July 2, 1976, HGP-A has undergone five flash discharge tests with the longest duration of 42 days. Production records including wellhead pressure and temperature, production rate ...
  • Yuen, Paul C; Chen, Bill H; Kihara, Deane H; Takahashi, Patrick K (Hawaii Geothermal Project, University of Hawaii, 1977)
    During January the modifications to the wellhead were completed and another series of discharge tests were started. Pressure buildup and drawdown data from the November and December discharge tests were analyzed, and ...

Now showing items 1-7 of 7


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