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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1978Modelling of a volcanic island geothermal reservoirZheng, Ping; Lau, Kah Hie
24-Jan-1996Numerical simulation of electrokinetic potentials associated with subsurface fluid flowIshido, Tsuneo.; Pritchett, John W.
Aug-1976Performance matching and predicting of a geothermal reservoirSeki, Arthur S.
1-Jul-1977Phase III : Well testing and analysis ; progress report for the third quarter of federal FY77-
1978Phase IV : Kapoho geothermal reservoir assessmentYuen, Paul C.
29-Oct-1975Preliminary report : Environmental Studies ProgramKamins, Robert
Feb-1974Preliminary report on legal and public policy setting for geothermal resource development in HawaiiKamins, Robert M.; Kornreich, Donald; Sheets, George
Sep-1980Progress report on HGP-A wellhead generator feasibility projectChen, Bill H.; Lopez, Louis P.; Kuwada, James T.; Farrington, Ray J.
1-Jun-1983Report on Hawaii Geothermal Power Plant Project-
1974Requested Extension for NSF Grant No. GI-38319 : Hawaii Geothermal Project : Proposal for eight-month extension for Phase IShupe, John W.; Woollard, George P.; Craven, John P.; Furumoto, Augustine S.; Yuen, Paul C.; Kamins, Robert M.
1973Research proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation, Research Applied to National Needs (RANN)-
1972Research proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation, Research Applied to National Needs (RANN) : Pele energy laboratory experimentsHarrenstien, Howard P.
17-May-1976Research Proposal to the Geothermal Division Energy Research and Development AdministrationShupe, John
1974Research Proposal to the National Science Foundation, Research Applied to National Needs (RAMN), Advanced Energy Research and TechnologyShupe, John
Jul-1989Reservoir assessment of the Puna Geothermal Field, Island of HawaiiGeothermEx, Inc.
30-Apr-1976Similarity solutions for convection of groundwater adjacent to horizontal impermeable surfaces with axisymmetric temperature distribution : Technical report No. 14Cheng, P.; Chau, W.C.
1986State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources: geothermal resources mining lease no. S-4602-
Jul-1975State-of-the-art of geothermal reservoir engineeringTakahashi, Patrick K.; Chen, Bill H.; Mashima, Ken I.; Seki, Arthur S.
1989Tabulation of open venting at HGP-A : March 1982 - June 15, 1989 (7 1/3 years)-
1-Nov-1980Theoretical assessment of James' method for the determination of geothermal wellbore discharge characteristicsKaramarakar, M.; Cheng, P.