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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975Hawaii Geothermal Project: Similarity Solutions for Free Convection About a DikeCheng, Ping; Minkowycz, W.J.
1974Hawaii Geothermal Project: Steady State Free Convection in an Unconfined Geothermal ReservoirCheng, Ping; Lau, K.H.
1974Hawaii Geothermal Project: The Effect of Dike Intrusion on Free Convection in Geothermal ReservoirsLau, K.H.; Cheng, Ping
1975Hawaii Geothermal Project: The Effect of Steady Withdrawal of Fluid in Geothermal ReservoirsCheng, Ping; Lau, K.H.
1991Hawaii Natural Energy Institute daily drilling report from 11-02-90 to 02-27-91Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
Apr-1977Hawaiʻi Geothermal Project phase III - well testing and analysis : progress report for ... Federal FY77, 2nd Quarter (April 1, 1977)-
1976HGP-A wellhead generator feasibility project-
1981HGP-A Wellhead Generator Feasibility Project: Well Workover Completion ReportHawaii Geothermal Project
1980HGP-A Wellhead Generator Project, Well Test Report, January 3-18, 1980Hawaii Geothermal Project
Sep-1990HNEI's documents for SOH3-
28-Apr-1976Influence of lateral mass efflux on free convection boundary layers in a saturated porous medium. Technical report No. 13Cheng, Ping
1-Apr-1974Library technical memorandum #2 April 1, 1974Shito, Susan
Dec-1978Locating the producing layers in HGP-AKihara, D.; Chen, B.; Seki, A.; Yuen, P.
Sep-1978Modelling of a volcanic island geothermal reservoirZheng, Ping; Lau, Kah Hie
24-Jan-1996Numerical simulation of electrokinetic potentials associated with subsurface fluid flowIshido, Tsuneo.; Pritchett, John W.
Aug-1976Performance matching and predicting of a geothermal reservoirSeki, Arthur S.
1-Jul-1977Phase III : Well testing and analysis ; progress report for the third quarter of federal FY77-
1978Phase IV : Kapoho geothermal reservoir assessmentYuen, Paul C.
29-Oct-1975Preliminary report : Environmental Studies ProgramKamins, Robert
Feb-1974Preliminary report on legal and public policy setting for geothermal resource development in HawaiiKamins, Robert M.; Kornreich, Donald; Sheets, George