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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968The taxonomy and ecology of the marine benthic algae of the Caroline IslandsTrono, Gavino
1967Testing hypotheses with regard to measurement of primary productivity by 14C techniques: International Indian Ocean ExpeditionNewhouse, Jan
Aug-2012Testing links among eutrophication, bloom algae, and green turtle fibropapillomatosisKawachi, Migiwa Shimashita
May-2011The cascading effect of mammal species defaunation on seed and seedling survivorship as a result of huntingAliaga-Rossel, Enzo Ronald
Dec-2011The curious case of maile : lessons in ecotypes, population viability and restorationWong, Tamara Melanie
Aug-2012The drivers and mechanisms of C4 and C3 grass distributions in Hawaiʻi under current and future climatesAngelo, Courtney Lynn
May-2011The Hawaiian C4 euphorbia adaptive radiation : an ecophysiological approach to understanding leaf trait diversificationSporck, Margaret Jean
Aug-2012The influence of top-down and bottom-up forces on benthic reef community structure : an experimental assessment at Kewalo Basin, OʻahuRoss, Michael C.
May-2012The physical and physiological impacts of the invasive red macroalga Gracilaria salicornia Dawson to coral reef habitat quality and coral healthMartinez, Jonathan Anthony
Aug-2011The physiology of photoacclimation and photoprotection in the invasive red alga, gracilaria salicorniaSpafford, David Carlton
Aug-2011The systematics and historical biogeography of the asteliaceae (asparagales)Birch, Joanne Lemay