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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2014On the origin of hops : genetic variability, phylogenetic relationships, and ecological plasticity of Humulus (Cannabaceae)Boutain, Jeffrey Raymond
2004Phenology, reproductive potential, seed dispersal and predation, and seedling establishment of three invasive plant species in a Hawaiian rain forestMedeiros, Arthur C.
1970Phloem development in the fern Microsorium scolopendriaSakai, William Shigeru, 1942
Aug-2014Phylogenetic and biogeographic relationships of cheirodendron nutt. Ex. Seeman (araliaceae)Osaki, Chelsea Kiyomi
Dec-2010Physiological ecology of selected Hawaiian mosses across environmental gradientsWaite, Mashuri
Aug-2014Pollination ecology of Hawaiian coastal plantsShay, Kimberly Ruth
May-2011Potential influences of submarine groundwater discharge, nutrients, and herbivory on Hawaiian reef algaeOkano, Ryan L.
1963Relation of light and temperature to the sporulation of Alternaria tomato (Cke.) WeberAragaki, M. (Minoru)
1969The relation of Pythium species to the growth of a sugarcane variety in HawaiiAdair, Charles Norman
2005Seed bank dynamics and germination ecology of fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum)Nonner, Edith D.
Dec-2011Soil seed bank dynamics in a remnant lowland Hawaiian dry forest : implications for restorationThair, Tiffany Leah
1969Studies of algal hydrogenasesWard, Melvin A.
1967Studies on ultrastructure and morphogenesis in the coenocytic alga, Caulerpa sertularioidesMishra, Arun Kumar
1965A study of the variations in wood anatomy of Hawaiian Metrosideros (Myrtaceae)Sastrapradja, Didin Sumarna
May-2012Systematics, evolution, and biogeography among Dracaenoid genera : Dracaena, Pleomele, and Sansavieria (Asparagaceae)Lu, Pei-Luen
1968The taxonomy and ecology of the marine benthic algae of the Caroline IslandsTrono, Gavino
1967Testing hypotheses with regard to measurement of primary productivity by 14C techniques: International Indian Ocean ExpeditionNewhouse, Jan
Aug-2012Testing links among eutrophication, bloom algae, and green turtle fibropapillomatosisKawachi, Migiwa Shimashita
May-2011The cascading effect of mammal species defaunation on seed and seedling survivorship as a result of huntingAliaga-Rossel, Enzo Ronald
Dec-2011The curious case of maile : lessons in ecotypes, population viability and restorationWong, Tamara Melanie