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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Habitat use by the endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper (Pseudonestor xanthoprys) : effects of physiognomy and floristicsStein, Valerie K.
Aug-2004Hawaiian 'awa Piper Methysticum A Study In EthnobotanyWinter, Kawika
Aug-2004He Kalailaina I Ka Limu Ma Ka La'au Lapa'au: He Ninauele Me Hulu Kupuna Henry Allen Auwae An Analysis Of Limu Used In Hawaiian Medicine: An Interview With Esteemed Elder Henry Allen AuwaeNapoleon, Kaleleonalani
May-2011Historical influences on the development of indigenous Jamaican maroon ethnomedicine : comparisons with West African and Arawak EthnopharmacopoeiaRagosta, Summer Merie
May-2013Impacts of logging on primary forests of Siboma Village in the Morobe Province, Papua New GuineaAmici, Autumn Alexandra
May-2012Inbreeding depression, outbreeding depression and heterosis in rare species in the genus Schiedea (Caryophyllaceae) on OʻahuWeisenberger, Lauren Ann
May-2013Induced responses to herbivory in the Hawaiian endemic prickly poppy, argemone glauca, and the Mexican poppy, argemone mexicanaHoan, Ryan Paul
2005Medical ethnobotany and anti-cancer properties of Vitex rotundifolia L.F.Harrington, Carrie Lynn
1970Medicinal plants of TongaWeiner, Michael A.
Dec-2010Molecular revision of the 'core' Caulerpa in the Hawaiian archipelagoSauvage, Thomas
Dec-2013Mouflon sheep and rare plants on the island of Hawaiʻi, with an analysis of state ungulate managementIkagawa, Mary J.
May-2014On the origin of hops : genetic variability, phylogenetic relationships, and ecological plasticity of Humulus (Cannabaceae)Boutain, Jeffrey Raymond
Aug-2013Perspectives in theoretical and Hawaiian ethnobotany : biocultural diversity in two cultivated plants, ʻawa (piper methysticum g. Foster) and kalo (colocasia esculenta (l.) schott)Winter, Kawika B.
2004Phenology, reproductive potential, seed dispersal and predation, and seedling establishment of three invasive plant species in a Hawaiian rain forestMedeiros, Arthur C.
1970Phloem development in the fern Microsorium scolopendriaSakai, William Shigeru, 1942
Aug-2014Phylogenetic and biogeographic relationships of cheirodendron nutt. Ex. Seeman (araliaceae)Osaki, Chelsea Kiyomi
Dec-2010Physiological ecology of selected Hawaiian mosses across environmental gradientsWaite, Mashuri
Aug-2014Pollination ecology of Hawaiian coastal plantsShay, Kimberly Ruth
May-2011Potential influences of submarine groundwater discharge, nutrients, and herbivory on Hawaiian reef algaeOkano, Ryan L.
1963Relation of light and temperature to the sporulation of Alternaria tomato (Cke.) WeberAragaki, M. (Minoru)