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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2012Ecology of mesophotic macroalgae and Halimeda kanaloana meadows in the main Hawaiian islandsSpalding, Heather Lee
Aug-2014Ecology, impact and traditional knowledge of resin harvest on the wild dammer tree-canarium strictum roxb. in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Western Ghats, IndiaVarghese, Anita
1965The effects of calcium deficiency on the metabolism of tomato leaf tissueRangnekar, Pratap Vasant
2007The effects of harvest on the population structure of Astrocaryum mexicanum and its potential for understory cultivationCrompton, Dana
2006Effects of introduced fish on aquatic insect abundance : a case study of Hamakua Marsh, Oahu HawaiʻiMcGuire, Christina
2008The entwined tree : Traditional natural resource management of Serampas, Jambi, IndonesiaHariyadi, Bambang
Aug-2014Ethnobotany, trade and population dynamics of Cycas circinalis L., and Cycas swamyi Singh & Radha in the Western Ghats of southern IndiaKrishnamurthy, Vandana
2008An evaluation of five native plant species for use in green roofs and storm water management in HawaiʻiCabugos, Leyla
May-2014Evolution and historical biogeography of Pacific Coprosma (Rubiaceae)Cantley, Jason Tyler
2006Factors influencing benthic distributional patterns in a near-pristine coral reef ecosystem : Pearl and Hermes AtollPage, Kimberly N.
Aug-1956Factors involved in the flowering of sugarcane (Saccharum Spp.)Coleman, Robert
2007Habitat use by the endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper (Pseudonestor xanthoprys) : effects of physiognomy and floristicsStein, Valerie K.
Aug-2004Hawaiian 'awa Piper Methysticum A Study In EthnobotanyWinter, Kawika
Aug-2004He Kalailaina I Ka Limu Ma Ka La'au Lapa'au: He Ninauele Me Hulu Kupuna Henry Allen Auwae An Analysis Of Limu Used In Hawaiian Medicine: An Interview With Esteemed Elder Henry Allen AuwaeNapoleon, Kaleleonalani
2005Medical ethnobotany and anti-cancer properties of Vitex rotundifolia L.F.Harrington, Carrie Lynn
1970Medicinal plants of TongaWeiner, Michael A.
May-2014On the origin of hops : genetic variability, phylogenetic relationships, and ecological plasticity of Humulus (Cannabaceae)Boutain, Jeffrey Raymond
2004Phenology, reproductive potential, seed dispersal and predation, and seedling establishment of three invasive plant species in a Hawaiian rain forestMedeiros, Arthur C.
1970Phloem development in the fern Microsorium scolopendriaSakai, William Shigeru, 1942
Aug-2014Phylogenetic and biogeographic relationships of cheirodendron nutt. Ex. Seeman (araliaceae)Osaki, Chelsea Kiyomi