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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jun-2011Making the most of filming for the communityMargetts, Anna
2-Jun-2011Monolingual field methods: Applying Everett's (2001) 'Monolingual field research' to field trainingRosés Labrada, Jorge Emilio
30-Sep-2011The National Indigenous Languages Survey of Australia , 2011Marmion, Doug; Obata, Kazuko
2-Jun-2011The observer's paradox: Some forms of skewing that can occur in language documentation and some possible ways to mitigate themMerrill, Elizabeth
2-Jun-2011On defining language developmentSimons, Gary
30-Sep-2011One project, thirty languages: The Project for the Documentation of the Languages of MesoamericaBaez, Gabriela Perez
30-Sep-2011Osufenuw Kapasen, nonomwun, me Uruwon Chuuk: Presenting native songs and dances through web technology to share and preserve language, culture, and history of Chuuk, Federated States of MicronesiaRayphand, L.J.
30-Sep-2011Problem of orthography on publication in Nivkh languagesTangiku, Itsuji
30-Sep-2011A qualitative study of the impact Oneida language learning has on the preservation of Oneida cultureHouse, Toni
30-Sep-2011Re-imagining Ojibwe domains: Documentation as revitalizationHermes, Mary; Nichols, John; Roach, Kevin; Sullivan, Mike; Cowell, Andrew
2-Jun-2011Reconciliating research ethic board requirements and community concernsGranadillo, Tania
30-Sep-2011Recovering voices: Collaborating with communities and engaging millions in the challenge of endangered languagesMason, Michael
2-Jun-2011A simple tool for comprehensive access to digital (Māori) dictionary materialKeegan, Peter
30-Sep-2011The speech atlas of the Mackenzie Basin Dene: Language conservation and identity in the Mackenzie BasinMcDonough, Joyce
30-Sep-2011Strategies for moving ahead: Linguistics and community goalsRice, Keren
30-Sep-2011Strategies to document the verbal content that is played on talking musical instruments: Methodologies on the edge of the music-language relationMeyer, Julien
30-Sep-2011Sustaining dialect diversity across an endangered langauge diasporaShaw, Patricia A.
30-Sep-2011Unknown unknowns' and the retrieval problem in language archivingHolton, Gary
2-Jun-2011Upper Tanana vowels and language change: Taking a snapshot of a languageLovick, Olga
30-Sep-2011Welcome address: Chair of Linguistics DeparmentO'Grady, William