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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jun-2011How do you teach a language with no teachers?Hobson, John
2-Jun-2011I am proud to speak a language once banned in school' Community-based intiatives to document Dela-Oenale in eastern IndonesiaTamelan, Thersia
30-Sep-2011Image-centered, community-based language documentationTomokiyo, Laura; Glenn, Patuk
30-Sep-2011Interactive whiteboard versus paper-based mateirals in a revitalising language classroomOakley, Kymberley; Hobson, John
2-Jun-2011An interdisciplinary approach to documenting reconstructed knowledge: Plants and their uses in GreenlandWhitecloud, Simone; Grenoble, Lenore
2-Jun-2011Interdisciplinary approach to endangered Formosan languages: A case study of their traditional songsLi, Paul
30-Sep-2011International standards on a local scale: Building the Ahtna digital linguistic and ethnographic archiveBerez, Andrea L.; Linnell, Karen; Finnesand, Tana; Pete, Tana Mae
30-Sep-2011Jaqi languages on the internet (Jaqaru, Kawki, Aymara [Andes])Hardman, M.J.; Beck, Howard; Iturrizaga, Dimas Bautista; Legg, Sue; Lowe, Elizabeth
2-Jun-2011The Kairak (Qairaq) Writing Workshop: Moving forward with a work-in-progress orthographySchneider, Cynthia
2-Jun-2011The language apprenticeship program: The role of community outsiders in language revitalizationMatsumoto-Gray, Katherine
30-Sep-2011Language documentation in a time of Truth and ReconciliationHill, Deborah
2-Jun-2011The 'Language Kit': A community language effort on the Tuscarora Indian ReservationHill, Montgomery
30-Sep-2011Language management and minority language maintenance in Indonesia: Strategy issuesArka, Wayan
2-Jun-2011Making the most of filming for the communityMargetts, Anna
2-Jun-2011Monolingual field methods: Applying Everett's (2001) 'Monolingual field research' to field trainingRos├ęs Labrada, Jorge Emilio
30-Sep-2011The National Indigenous Languages Survey of Australia , 2011Marmion, Doug; Obata, Kazuko
2-Jun-2011The observer's paradox: Some forms of skewing that can occur in language documentation and some possible ways to mitigate themMerrill, Elizabeth
2-Jun-2011On defining language developmentSimons, Gary
30-Sep-2011One project, thirty languages: The Project for the Documentation of the Languages of MesoamericaBaez, Gabriela Perez
30-Sep-2011Osufenuw Kapasen, nonomwun, me Uruwon Chuuk: Presenting native songs and dances through web technology to share and preserve language, culture, and history of Chuuk, Federated States of MicronesiaRayphand, L.J.