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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-May-2011C4 grammaticography colloquium: In, out and all about: Theorising hypertext in reference grammarsEvans, Nicholas
30-May-2011C4 grammaticography colloquium: The 'Digital Grammar' project- integrating the WIKI/CMS approach with Language Archiving Technology and TEIDrude, Sebastian
30-May-2011C4 grammaticography colloquium: Time-warping legacy descriptionsNordhoff, Sebastian
30-Sep-2011Community-based langauge research in practice: A report on the Coast Salish Language Revitazliation CURA ProjectCzaykowska-Higgins, Ewa; Daniels, Deanna; Hukari, Tom; Kulchyski, Tim; Paige, Marlo
2-Jun-2011Developing 'Ucen orthographies for the endangered languages of BhutanHyslop, Gwendolyn; Tshering, Karma
30-Sep-2011Developing and archiving open-source Blackfoot teaching materialsLee, Jeremy; Schroeder, Sara; Yamamoto, Shiho; Burke, Sean; Chatsis, Annabelle; Miyashita, Mizuki
30-Sep-2011Diversity and bilingual education in Brazil: From policy to practiceViana, Laura
2-Jun-2011Documentary and meta-documentary linguisticsAustin, Peter
30-Sep-2011Documenting traditional biological and ecological knowledge: An Indian exampleSi, Aung
2-Jun-2011Early stages of orthography design: The case of Chuxnaban MixeJany, Carmen
2-Jun-2011The ecology of documentary linguistic software developmentCox, Christopher
2-Jun-2011Enhancing a text collection with a document-oriented database model: A Toolbox based exampleMargetts, Andrew
30-Sep-2011Equipping university students to document their ancestral languagesBird, Steven; Sai, Anastasia; Tama, Philip; Kamene, Sakarape
2-Jun-2011Ethno-mathematics in Amarasi: How to count 400 ears of corn in 80 secondsBani, Heronimus; Grimes, Charles
2-Jun-2011EXMARaLDA - Facilitating analysis of spoken language corpora by employing the linkage between recordings, transcriptions and metadataW├Ârner, Kai
30-Sep-2011From academic salvage linguistics to community-based documentation in only three weeks: Report from a collective and interdisciplinary fieldwork on Acazulco OtomiHansen, Magnus Pharao; Turnbull, Rory; Thomsen, Ditte Boeg
30-Sep-2011From corpus to grammar: How DOBES corpora can be exploited for descriptive linguisticsHelmbrecht, Johannes; Bouda, Peter
2-Jun-2011From diagnosis to remedial plan: A psycholinguistic assessment of language shift, linguistic aspects of attrition, and conservation planning in Truku SeediqTang, Apay Ai-yu
30-Sep-2011Grammar guides to accompany Master-Apprentice Sauk language learningSammons, Olivia
30-Sep-2011Growing grammars, grammar-writers, and grammar-writing traditionAso, Reiko; Niinaga, Yuto; Shimoji, Michinori