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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A Rasch Analysis of the ELI Listening Placement TestMiyata, Munehiko
1989Rating Writing Samples: An Interdepartmental PerspectiveBrown, J. D.
2005A Rationale for Creating Items for the Vocabulary Section of the ELI Reading Placement TestNguyen, Nhi Chau Thi; Biedenfeld, Alexis von
1989Reaction Time as a Supplement to Grammaticality Judgements in the Investigation of Second Language Learners' CompetenceBley-Vroman, Robert; Masterson, Deborah
2007Reflections on Teaching ESL Advanced Reading CourseFujisawa, Yusuke
2007The Relationships of Learning Strategy Instruction, Autonomy, and Motivation in L2 Vocabulary LearningHuang, Hung-Tzu; Ma, Jee Hyun
1998Rethinking Needs in an English Language Program: Three Case Studies in English for Academic PurposesNarita, Yoneko Z.
1984Review Article: Language for Specific PurposesChaudron, Craig
1988Review Essay: A Critique of Flynn's Parameter-Setting Model of Second Language AcquisitionBley-Vroman, Robert; Chaudron, Craig
2008Review of ELIOIP (ELI oral interview procedure)Ng, Samantha
1989Review of The Politics of Linguistics, by Frederick J. NewmeyerReview of The Politics of Linguistics, by Frederick J. NewmeyerReview of The Politics of Linguistics, by Frederick J. NewmeyerReview of The Politics of Linguistics, by Frederick J. NewmeyerLong, Michael H.
2004Revising ELI listening/speaking Diagnostic Activities: Developing Rating Scales for Oral Presentation and Group Discussion ActivitiesFujisawa, Yusuke
2009The Revision and Development of the HELP Placement TestLong, Wenpei; Johnstun, Ann
1985The Revision Strategies of Skilled and Unskilled ESL Writers: Five Case StudiesHeuring, David L.
2007Revisiting Cohesive Devices in Academic L2 English Writing: What Do Successful Writers Use?Sinicrope, Castle
1992Road and Narrow Constraints on the English Dative Alternation: Some Fundamental Differences Between Native Speakers and Foreign Language LearnersBley-Vroman, Robert; Yoshinaga, Naoko
1983Schema Theory and Language ComprehensionCarrell, Patricia L.
1988Schooling, Knowledge and Power: Social Transformation in the Solomon IslandsWatson-Gegeo, Karen; Gegeo, David
1990Second Language Speech Production Research: A Methodologically-Oriented ReviewCrookes, Graham
1989Selecting an ESL/EFL Reading PassageDay, Richard R.