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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Killing Two Birds with One Stone: An Empirical Report of Improvement in Reading Rate and Comprehension by Timed Reading in EFL LearnersPark, Kyae-Sung
2007The L2 Acquisition of English Parasitic GapsPark, Kyae-Sung
1984L2 Reading for L1 Illiterate Adults from Preliterate SocietiesPlaister, Ted
1989Language Attitudes and Sociolinguistic Variation in Hawai'iSato, Charlene J.
1991Language Change in a Creole Crontinuum: DecreolizationSato, Charlene J.
1985Language Curriculum DevelopmentRichards, Jack C.
1985The Language of Entry-Level Job InterviewsArago, Marybeth
1983Laying the Groundwork for Hypothesis Making in EAP Lecture ComprehensionLebauer, Roni S.
1989Learnability Theory and the Acquisition of SyntaxParker, Kate
2006Learner Autonomy and Independence: The Students' PerspectiveGraves, Varsha
2008Learner Interactions With and Affective Views of Gloss Presentations in CALL ReadingLavolette, Elizabeth
1987Lecture Skills for Foreign Teaching Assistants: Goals, Microskills, and ObjectivesAsahina, Ruby; Okuda,Julie M.
1990Linguistic Politeness: Current IssuesKasper, Gabriele
1994Male/Female Language – Is this an ESL Concern?Goedjen, Devon
1987Marshallese and English: Evidence and Recommendations for an Immersion Model of Education in the Republic of the Marshall IslandsPine, Pamela; Savage, William
1988Maturation Constraints on Language DevelopmentLong, Michael
1989Motivation: Reopening the Research AgendaCrookes, Graham; Schmidt, Richards
1990Native and Non-native Reactions to ESL CompositionsKobayashi, Toshihiko
1983Native Speaker/Non-Native Speaker Conversation in the Second Language ClassroomLong, Michael H.
2011Needs Analysis in an Academic Listening and Speaking Course: An Approach to English L2 Learners‟ DifficultiesNoda, Kazuyo