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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009‘I think’ as an Interactional Resource during Discussions in Collaborative Writing TasksSharma, Bal Krishna
2007The Impact of Different Modes of Collaborative Interactions among Peers: Peer Review and Revisions in Electronic vs. Traditional Modes on L2 WritingKim, Yun-Seon
-Implementation of a Program of InstructionHarper
1988Improving ESL Placement Tests Using Two PerspectivesBrown, James Dean
1988In Search of Explanations for Interlanguage PhenomenaPennington, Martha C.
2006Innovatability' Analysis: Teachers in Task-based Language EducationGraves, Varsha; Shoen, Brian
1987Instructed Interlanguage DevelopmentLong, Michael
1992Instruments for Measuring Grammaticality: The Status of Modified NPs in English and KoreanMasterson, Deborah
2010Intelligibility and Comprehensibility of Hawai’i Pidgin English to Japanese Learners of English: Is Pidgin Easier to Understand than Standard English?Sano, Yuko
2010Interactionist Dynamic Assessment in L2 Learning: A Case Study of Tutoring L2 English Oral CommunicationOrikasa, Mami
2002The Interplay between Motivation and Attitudes in a Required English ProgramChu, Chia-Hsien; Ryan, Mary
1986Intervention Points in Second Language Classroom ProcessesLong, Michael H.; Crookes, Graham
1983Introducing the Past PerfectWallace, William D.
2006Investigating the Relationship between Fluency Measures and Second Placement Test DecisionsOh, Saerhim
15-Apr-2012An Investigation into the Reverse Transfer of Reading Strategies in an EAP ContextTsuyuki, Cheryl S,
1990IRT Discrimination Interpretation in Criterion-Referenced Language TestingHudson, Thom
1982Is Cohesive Writing Coherent? A Case Study of Japanese EnglishEaston, Barbara Jo
2008Killing Two Birds with One Stone: An Empirical Report of Improvement in Reading Rate and Comprehension by Timed Reading in EFL LearnersPark, Kyae-Sung
2007The L2 Acquisition of English Parasitic GapsPark, Kyae-Sung
1984L2 Reading for L1 Illiterate Adults from Preliterate SocietiesPlaister, Ted