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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Getting Closure on Cloze: A Validation Study of the “Rational Deletion” MethodMcKamey, Treela
1988Getting into the Mainstream: Approaches to ESL Instruction for Students of Limited English ProficiencyRichards, Jack C.; Hurley, Daniel S.
2009Grammar Instruction in Content-Based Classes at the Hawai‘i English Language ProgramMiyao, Mari
1985Group Work, Interlanguage Talk and Second Language AcquisitionLong, Michael; Porter, Patricia
2008HELP Evaluation Project, Spring 2008: Evaluation ReportBrown, Dan; Davis, John; Nguyen, Ky
-HELP: The First Step toward AccreditationJohnstun, Ann; Long, Wenpei; Guo, Yue
1989Hesitation Phenomena in the Interlanguage Discourse of Japanese Learners of EnglishPennington, Martha C.; Doi, Toshiyuki
1982How Denny Learned EnglishPlaister, Ted
2007How the ELI assists GAs in Their Professional DevelopmentMcNeil, Merica
2009‘I think’ as an Interactional Resource during Discussions in Collaborative Writing TasksSharma, Bal Krishna
2007The Impact of Different Modes of Collaborative Interactions among Peers: Peer Review and Revisions in Electronic vs. Traditional Modes on L2 WritingKim, Yun-Seon
-Implementation of a Program of InstructionHarper
1988Improving ESL Placement Tests Using Two PerspectivesBrown, James Dean
1988In Search of Explanations for Interlanguage PhenomenaPennington, Martha C.
2006Innovatability' Analysis: Teachers in Task-based Language EducationGraves, Varsha; Shoen, Brian
1987Instructed Interlanguage DevelopmentLong, Michael
1992Instruments for Measuring Grammaticality: The Status of Modified NPs in English and KoreanMasterson, Deborah
2010Intelligibility and Comprehensibility of Hawai’i Pidgin English to Japanese Learners of English: Is Pidgin Easier to Understand than Standard English?Sano, Yuko
2010Interactionist Dynamic Assessment in L2 Learning: A Case Study of Tutoring L2 English Oral CommunicationOrikasa, Mami
2002The Interplay between Motivation and Attitudes in a Required English ProgramChu, Chia-Hsien; Ryan, Mary