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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985The Differential Effects of Source of Corrective Feedback on ESL Writing ProficiencyShuquiang, Zhang
1985The Language of Entry-Level Job InterviewsArago, Marybeth
1985A Comparison of the Comprehensibility of Modified and Unmodified ESL Reading MaterialsBrown, Ronald L.
1985ELI Curriculum NeedsMason, Chas
1985The Effects of Discourse Markers on the Comprehension of LectureshipsChaudron, Craig; Richards, Jack
1985Group Work, Interlanguage Talk and Second Language AcquisitionLong, Michael; Porter, Patricia
1985Another Look at Interlanguage Talk: Taking Task to TaskDuff, Patricia A.
1985Academic Listening Comprehension: Does the Sum of the Parts Make up the Whole?Haper, Andrew G.
1985Teaching and Learning English in Bilingual EducationGenesee, Fred
1985Agreement and Disagreement: A Study of Speech Acts in Discourse and ESL/EFL MaterialsPearson, Eloise
1985The Marking of Conditionality in One Learner's Interlanguage: A Semantic AnalysisGordon, Deborah
1985Language Curriculum DevelopmentRichards, Jack C.
1985A Study of Transfer in the Speech Act of ApologizingSoong, Mui Yun E.
1985Teacher Talk: The Structure of Vocabulary and Grammar ExplanationsWagner, Mary; Yee, Valerie
1986A Comparison of Tests of Recall as Measures of Foreign Language Listening ComprehensionPinsent, Philip John
1986What Does That Have To Do With the Flow of Ideas? Relevance in indonesian and American InteractionEwing, Michael C.
1986Attitudes of Non-native Spekers of English to Language Variation in HawaiiMcCreary, Jan
1986An ELI Academic Listening Comprehension Needs Assessment: Establishing Goals, Objectives, and MicroskillsKimzin, Gail; Poctor, Susan
1986The Effects of Task, Time, and Rule Knowledge of Grammar Performance for Three English StructuresGrigg, Thomas J.
1986The Role of Error Correction in Second Language TeachingChaudron, Craig