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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982Expository Writing: A Guided ApproachGray, Meridith; Koshik, Irene; Masonm, Charles; Richards, Jack; Steinber, Miho
1982Attitudes Toward Language Variation: Social and Applied ContextsDay, Richard R.
1982Does Second Language Instruction Make a Difference? A Review of ResearchLong, Michael H.
1982The Second Language Teacher as Discourse AnalystCrymes, Ruth
1982Poetry Ideas in Teaching Literature and Writing to Foreign StudentsPreston, William
1982A New Account of Language TransferSchachter, Jacquelyn
1982Is Cohesive Writing Coherent? A Case Study of Japanese EnglishEaston, Barbara Jo
1982Yakudoku: The Japanese Approach to Foreign Language StudyHino, Nobuyuki
1982Communicative Competence in Nonnative Speakers of English: Some Cross-Cultural FactorsKupper-Herr, Beth
1982Error Correction in Native-Nonnative ConversationChenoweth, N. Ann; Day, Richard R.; Chun, Ann E.; Luppescu, Stuart
1982How Denny Learned EnglishPlaister, Ted
1982Communicative Needs in Foreign Language LearningRichards, Jack C.
1982Another Look at Unplanned and Planned DiscourseTawake, Sandra
1983Topic Units in Planned Written DiscourseBear, Jean M.
1983Laying the Groundwork for Hypothesis Making in EAP Lecture ComprehensionLebauer, Roni S.
1983Attitudes and Preferences of ESL Students to Error CorrectionChenoweth, N. Ann; Day, Richard R.; Chun, Ann E.; Luppescu, Stuart
1983American and Chinese Politeness Strategies: "It dort of disturbs my sleep," or "Health is important"Nash, Thomas
1983Introducing the Past PerfectWallace, William D.
1983Phonological Processes in Second Language Acquisition: Another Look at Interlangauge Syllable StructureSato, Charlene J.
1983The Strengths and Limitations of Acquisition: A Case Study of an Untutored Language LearnerSchmidt, Richard W.